How are Algebra and Algebra 1 different?

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2009-12-05 19:58:18

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They aren't

If you want to get smart, the difference is the 1

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2009-12-05 19:58:18
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Q: How are Algebra and Algebra 1 different?
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How is elementary algebra different from algebra 1 or 2?

It isn't; the algebra 1 and 2 that you get taught in middle or high school is elementary algebra. When (if you want to) you get into more advanced algebra, you can learn linear algebra (matrix algebra) and abstract algebra (which involves sets, operations on sets, groups, and many more concepts), and probably several more types of algebra I've never heard of.

What is the difference between integrated algebra and algebra 1?

Algebra 1 is a class/course that is on a higher level than Algebra.

What is the formulae for algebra?

There are many different formulas and equations for algebra.

What is the difference in Algebra 1 part 1 and Pre-Ap Algebra?

Pre-algebra preps you for algebra.2nd answer:Pre-AP-algebra is the same as Algebra I. Both are way harder than pre- algebra.

What is a definition of college algebra?

There is none because different colleges teach different topics in Algebra.

What does translation mean for algebra 2?

Different courses cover different topics in Algebra 2.

Is foundations algebra the same as algebra 1?

foundations algebra is probably pre algebra, which is before algebra, so no.

What are the different elements of Boolean algebra?

The prototypical Boolean algebra; i.e. the Boolean algebra defined over the Boolean domain, has two elements in it: 0 and 1. For more information about Boolean algebra, please refer to the related link below.

What is before algebra 1?


Is algebra and algebra 1 the same?


Why d is variables?

d is part of algebra because it is a letter. Any letter in algebra is known as a variable. D is different from d in algebra. They are different.

What type of math is higher between algebra 1 or geometry?

it goes algebra 1, geometry, then algebra 2

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