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Rational numbers are of the form n/m where n and m<>0 are integers.

Since for each integer n and integer 1 we know that n = n/1, each integer is a rational number.

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Q: How are integers rational numbers?
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Are some integers not rational numbers?

All integers are rational numbers. There are integers with an i behind them that are imaginary numbers. They are not real numbers but they are rational. The square root of 2 is irrational. It is real but irrational.

Why are venn diagrams used?

A.(Integers) (Rational numbers)B.(Rational numbers) (Integers)C.(Integers) (Rational numbers)D.(Rational numbers) (Real numbers)

How Integers In Rational Number Relate?

Integers are aproper subset of rational numbers.

Are fractions integers or rational numbers?

Fractions are not integers. They may or may not be rational numbers.

Are any rational numbers integers?

All integers are rational numbers.

Are all rational numbers integers-?

Rational numbers are integers and fractions

Are the rational numbers a subset of integers?

No, integers are a subset of rational numbers.

Can Negative Integers be Rational Numbers?

All integers are rational. Not all rational numbers are integers.

Why aren't rational numbers called integers?

because not all rational numbers are integers, recurring numbers, numbers to 1 decimal place and fractions are rational as well but all integers are rational

Are decimal numbers integers or rational numbers?

They can be integers, rational numbers or even approximations for irrational numbers.

Are all rational numbers are integers?

No, not all rational numbers are integers. All integers are whole numbers, but a non-whole number can be rational if the numbers after the decimal point either 1. end or 2. repeat. So, sometimes rational numbers are integers, sometimes they're not. But all integers are rational numbers.

What are rational numbers that have two integers?

Any 2 digit integers are rational numbers because all integers or whole numbers are rational numbers.