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Four fours can equal four with the following equation:

4 + 4 * (4 - 4) = 4 (always follow the order of operations)

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Q: How can four four's equal four?
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How do you get four fours to equal 10 you can have decimals?


How can four fours equal twenty three?

four fours equals 24 not 23. or if u meant four 4ths, then it's 256.

How do you make four fours equal 17?

4*4+4/4 = 17

How do you get 77 out of 4 fours?

To achieve the number 77 with four fours, the solution is as follows: sqrt(4/.4)4 - 4 Instead of the second four being equal to four tenths, place a dot over the top to indicate it being equal to four ninths.

What four fours can equal to 3?

(4 + 4 + 4) ÷ 4 = 12 ÷ 4 = 3.

Is three fours equal to nine twevles in fractions?

Three fours (12) is not equal to nine twelves (108). However, three over four (3/4) is equal to nine over twelve (9/12) which are known as equivalent fractions to each other.

How can four fours equal seventy-three?

73 = sqrt(sqrt(sqrt(4^(4!)))) + 4 / .4`

What are the answers to the four fours questions from 1-100 using only fours?


How do you get four fours to equal 45 with out multiplying dividing adding or subtracting?

44 4/4 = 45 (Forty-four and four fourths equals forty-five)

What is the plural for four?

The plural form of four is fours

The answer to 77 on the four fours?


How do you get 13 by four fours?

44 / 4 + root(4) is one solution. You can find additional solutions in the Wikipedia article "Four fours".

How many fours are n a deck of cards?

Four fours are in a deck of cards(spades, clubs, diamonds, and hearts), just as there are four of everything else in there.

Can you Using four fours make the answer of nineteen?

Using four fours, you can get 19 with the following sum: 4! - 4 - (4 / 4) That is, four factorial minus four - (four divided by four) - 24 - 4 - (4 / 4) = 19

How do you get the answer four from using four fours?


What is the plural of petit four?


What is the plural for petit four?

petit fours

How can you arrange four fours to make 33?

A solution to the four fours problem for the number 33 is: 33 = (4-.4)/.4+4!

How do you make 31 using only the number 4?

As a solution to the four fours problem (using the number four no more than four times to come up with the solution, 31 is equal to (4!+4)/4+4!

What does four fours mean?

16, 44, or 8

Solutions to the four fours puzzle?

4x4= 17

How can you get 58 with four fours?

(44 - 4!) / 4

How do you get 37 by using four fours?

4 /5

What is the value for the fours in 244?

Forty and four respectively

What four fours can equal to one?

4/4 X 4/4 = 1.