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Q: How can you if a relationship is proportional by looking at an equation?
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How can you represent a proportional relationship using an equation?

You cannot represent a proportional relationship using an equation.

How do you know that an equation is proportional just by looking at it?

If each side of the equation is a fraction, then it is a proportion.

How do we know when an equation represents a proportional relationship?

If it passes through the origin

Is y 7x - 3 a proportional relationship?

If you mean: y=7x -3 then it is a proportional relationship of a straight line equation.

What is proportional linear relationship in math?

The graph of a linear proportion will be a straight line passing through the origin. The equation will have the form y = mx, also written as y = kx.

What is the relationship among proportional relationships lines rates of change and slope?

For each of the following relationships, graph the proportional relationship between the two quantities, write the equation representing the relationship, and describe how the unit rate, or slope is represented on the graph.

How is a proportional and non-proportional relationship different?

Proportional is when it is proportional.

What is directly and inversely proportional relationship?

Directly proportional relationship is F=ma, F is directly proportional to a. Inversely proportional relationship is v=r/t, v is inversely proportional to t.

What is an equation for s directly proportional relationship that starts with y?

It is a straight line equation in the form of: y = mx+b whereas 'm' is the slope and 'b' is the y intercept

Is y-2.5x a proportional relationship or no?

no a proportional relationship is y / x = 5

Does the equation represent a directly proportional relationship y 4x 1 yes or no?

how are nonvascular plants important to the environment

What is the relationship between gram and liter?

Directly proportional. From rearrangement of the equation D=M/V i.e. Volume by Density = Mass