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(If you have not learned any part of the multiplication table, I think it would be very difficult to learn the table in a week. As I recall, we spent about 3 years of grade school learning the combinations. In third grade we learned to multiply by 2 and 3 and to count by 5's . In 4th grade, we learned the rest of the table up to 9. We spent 5th grade reviewing the table up to 9. )

However if you already know the table up to 9 and understand the concept of mulitplication, it is easy to extend the table up to 12. The tens column is really easy, just add 0 : 1 times 10 is 10; 2 times 10 is 20 .. 9 times 10 is 90,... 12 times 10 is 120.

The 11's are almost as easy due to the pattern they make.

1 times 11 is 11; 2 times 11 is 22; 3 times 11 is 33; ... 9 times 11 is 99.

10 times 11 is the same as 11 times 10 so just add 0 to get 110.

Now comes the hard work. You must memorize these combinations:

11 times 11 is 121

11 times 12 is 132 as is 12 times 11.

(1 times 12 is 12, of course )

2 times 12 is 24 as is 12 times 2.

3 times 12 is 36 as is 13 times 3

4 times 12 is 48 as is 12 times 4

5 times 12 is 60 as is 12 times 5

6 times 12 is 72 as is 12 times 6

7 times 12 is 84 as is 12 times 7

8 times 12 is 96 as is 12 times 8

9 times 12 is 108 as is 12 times 9 ( you know 10 times 12 si 120 already)

11 times 12 is the same as 12 times 11 .

Finally 12 times 12 is 144.

So you only have eleven facts to learn.

I would first write them and then say them as I read them and write them . Then I would write them and say them without reading them.

If you remember one of them you can get the next one by adding 12 and you can get the previous by subtracting 12.

You might find it useful to practice with a calculator. Punch in the numbers and the times sign and try to predict the answer before you hit the = key.

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Q: How can you memorize your multiplication up to 12 in a week?
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