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Q: How do find the actual area from a scale drawing?
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How do you find scale factor?

# is the ratio of the demensions in the drawing to the corresponding actual dimensions. The scale factor for a scale drawing is the ratio of the dimensions in the drawing to the corresponding acual bimensions.

How do you find find the scale of a drawing?

Are u findanswers

Where would you find the drawing scale on a blueprint?

on the bill of materials

How do find out what the scale drawing is for a giraffe that is 5.5m tall and the drawing is 7 cm tall?


The city is planning to build a new dog park A scale model of the new dog park has an area of 108 cm2 The actual dog park will have an area of 12 km2 Find the scale factor that has been used for the m?


On a scale drawing the scale is 12 inch 2 feet Find the dimensions of the room in the drawing 14 ft by 18 ft PLEASE HELP ASAP?

28 ft. by 36 ft. Assuming the scale is 12 inches (drawing) = 2 ft (room). For every one foot in the drawing, you get two feet of room. Room then is 28 ft. by 36 ft. in a 14 X 18 drawing.

Surface area of a hypercube?

As you would find the surface area of a normal shape using scale factors: to find the volume scale factor cubed, therefore to find the surface area of the hypercube, you do the scale factor to the power of four.

How can you use scale factor to find a new perimeter and area?

New perimeter = old perimeter*scale factor New area = Old area*scale factor2

What do you calculate to find the actual weight?

subtract the weight that the scale reads by 10

How do you find the scale used to draw or build a model of an actual object?

measure something in the drawing/model and measure a similar thing in real life. now divide the smaller measurement into the bigger measurement, that's the scale. So if in a model a person on street is 2cm then in real life a person is about 2 meters or 200cm so the scale is 1:100.

In a 1 20 scale drawing of various planets a planet that is 1 meter tall would be represented by a drawing that is how tall?

5 cm. But you will not find planets of that size anywhere!

Why do maps show a scale?

So you can find out the actual distance from point A to point B.