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Q: How do you find find the scale of a drawing?
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How do you find scale factor?

# is the ratio of the demensions in the drawing to the corresponding actual dimensions. The scale factor for a scale drawing is the ratio of the dimensions in the drawing to the corresponding acual bimensions.

Where would you find the drawing scale on a blueprint?

on the bill of materials

How do find out what the scale drawing is for a giraffe that is 5.5m tall and the drawing is 7 cm tall?


How do you calculate the scale drawing?

The answer depends on what aspect of the scale drawing you wish to calculate.

What does a scale show on a scale drawing?

It shows the constant of proportionality between the scale drawing and the real-life object.

What does 1 centimeter on the scale drawing represent in real life?

it depends of the scale of the drawing

Make a scale drawing of a giraffe that is 5.5 m tall The drawing is 7 cm tall what is the scale of the drawing?

1cm = 78.6

Scale drawing questions?

scale questions

How do you work out the scale of a drawing?

Not all drawings are done to scale, sketches of buildings and people for instance. However if it is a technical drawing the draughtsman/woman will state on the drawing the scale used.

What is engineering drawing profile?

A drawing of the object in scale.

What is an enlarged or reduced drawing of an object?

a scale drawing.

On a scale drawing the scale is 12 inch 2 feet Find the dimensions of the room in the drawing 14 ft by 18 ft PLEASE HELP ASAP?

28 ft. by 36 ft. Assuming the scale is 12 inches (drawing) = 2 ft (room). For every one foot in the drawing, you get two feet of room. Room then is 28 ft. by 36 ft. in a 14 X 18 drawing.