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the forces create mountains, valleys, volcanoes, canyons, etc.

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Q: How do forces inside the earth shape the land?
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What are the natural forces that shape out land?


What internal or external forces helped shape the reef land form?


How does floods shape the earth?

Floods move the earth(soil) and deposits it at another location. this process changes the shape of the land

What are geologic forces?

Geologic forces are forces that can change the geography of the land. An example is the Grand Canyon. It was made by the Colorado River curving it out.

How are the structures of the moon and the earth different?

earth has a spherical shape a vast land...moon which has craters..

What is an upward mountain?

An upward mountain is a term used to describe a mountainous ascent, where the terrain inclines in an upward direction as one climbs higher. It refers to the physical act of climbing a mountain upwards.

What term is defined as features that's gives the land it's shape and look?


How do constuctive and destructive forces change earth?

constructive forces change earth by building up land or mountains from the earthquakes. Also, volcanoes spit out lava which turns into new rock. Destructive forces are basically weathering of the land and erosion from water, ice, wind, temperatures, or other natural stuff.

Why mountains are differ in height and shape?

Mountains differ in height and shape due to the tectonic forces acting on the Earth's crust, which can uplift and deform the land. Factors such as the type of rock, erosion patterns, and geologic processes also contribute to the variety of mountain heights and shapes we see. Over time, these forces and processes shape the landscape into the diverse mountain ranges we observe today.

How does a volcano shape earth?

A volcano shapes the earth because when a volcano erupts, the lava hardens, forming new land on the earth's surface

What event in earth's past helped shape New York's land?

The ice age

How do forces on the earths surface affect the shape of the land?

Bcouse they create erosion such as tsunami and tonadoes and floods