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change in y values of 1st and last points divided by the change in x values of the 1st and last points

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Q: How do you calculate an average in a graph?
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Can you calculate speed from a motion graph?

If you graph distance vs. time, the slope of the line will be the average speed.

How do you calculate deceleration on a velocity time graph?

It is the downward gradient of the graph.

How do you calculate potential difference from a graph?

The answer will depend on what information is plotted on the graph!

How do you calculate the mean from a cumulative frequency graph?

The mean is simply the average. Mean = Sum of data divided by the total number of observations.

How do you calculate velocity from an x-t graph?

If an x-t graph is a position-time graph, velocity is the slope of the line on the graph.

What formula is used to calculate motion?

You can use a graph to calculate speed.

Why might it be important to repeat an experiment?

To make sure your results are Valid/reliable. You should always repeat your experiments and if using times or amounts and in the future going to make a graph its best to do the experiment 3 times and calculate the average on place the average result on to your graph.

How do you calculate speed of a distance time graph?

Speed (in the radial direction) = slope of the graph.

How do you graph a linear equation with a fraction in it?

You calculate the coordinates using a fraction!

What can you calculate from velocity time graph?


How do you read and calculate speed from a motion graph?

You can calculate speed by taking the gradient (dy/dx) from a Distance-time graph since s=d/t

How do you calculate the missing percentage for a pie graph?