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Multiply the quotient by the divisor to result in the dividend.
If dividend/divisor=quotient, then dividend=quotient x divisor

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Q: How do you check the answer to a decimal division question?
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How do you check the answer to a division question?

To check the answer to a division question, multply the divisor (the number that is being divided into the dividend) and the quotient (the answer). If there is a remainder, add the remainder to the answer. If the number matches the dividend, your answer to the division problem is correct.

How do you check the answer to a division question in which there is a remainder?

You multiple the answer you got and you will get your answer

How can you explain if you can write a division expression as a decimal?

You can always write a numerical division expression as a decimal.

How do you turn a division into a decimal fraction?

You do a long division, adding decimal digits until you get a remainder of zero (terminating decimal) or a repeating pattern of decimal digits.

Is a decimal whose division ends?

It is a terminating decimal.

What is a decimal whose division ends?

It is a terminating decimal fraction.

How do you check the answer of a division problem?

You multiply the quotient and the divisor. If the result is the dividend in the division question, then the answer is correct.

How do you know if your answer is right for a writing a fraction for a decimal?

Check your work by doing the division. 0.94 = 47/50 47 divided by 50 = 0.94

How do you find a fraction from the decimal?


Why do you make a remainder in division a fraction or decimal?

So that the answer from the division is a single quotient.

How many places when the decimal moon and a conversion from kilograms the milligrams?

A "decimal moon" is not a recognised term Please check your question and resubmit one which makes sense.

How do you convery a fraction in to a decimal?

You do it be long division.