How do you compute for slope?

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m, the slope, is calculated using the following formula.




where y are the 2 vertical points, and x are the horizontal points. In other words, rise over run.

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Q: How do you compute for slope?
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What can compute the slope of a line by using the slope?

A protractor.

You can compute the slope of a line by using the slope?


Is a tangent a trigonometric ratio?

Tangent is used in calculus to compute the slope of a curve. Because curves do not have uniform slopes, unlike lines, their slopes change. A tangent is the slope of a curve at a specific point.

How do you get the slope?

you get slope when you take 2 points from a graph and divide y2 - y1 by x2 - x1. example: Compute the slope of the line between graph points (13,4) and (6,9). y2 - y1 = 9 - 4 = 5, x2 - x1 = 6 - 13 = -7, so the slope is 5/-7 (five over negative seven)

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Is the horizontal change the differences in the x-coordinates when computing slope?

When computing the slope of a line, choose two points along the line and do the following: Let's say the points we choose are (1,3) & (2,5). To compute the slope we need to use the slope formula: m = (y1-y2) / (x1-x2). So, using the two points we chose, just plug them into the formula: m = (3-5) / (1-2) = -2 / -1 = 2. Therefore, our slope is 2. These particular points yield the graph, y = 2x + 1.

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