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To divide a fraction by a second fraction, multiply the first fraction by the reciprocal of the second fraction. For example, 1/2 divided by 5/7 is the same as 1/2 times 7/5.

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Q: How do you divide fractions then reduce it?
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How do you reduce fractions to simplest terms?

You divide both the numerator and denominator by a common multiple.

Why can you not divide fractions?

We deny the premise and maintain that you can divide fractions.

What does it mean to multiply and divide fractions?

multiply and divide fractions!-.-

How do you reduce fractions with whole numbers?

first you divide the numerator by whatever number and the denominator by the same number and that is your answer.

How do you reduce ratios?

Same as fractions. Check if there is a common factor, then divide both numbers by the common factor.

How do you determine whether ratios are proportional?

you divide the numerator by the denominator, if you get the same to the other fractions, it is proportional. Another solution is if you reduce the two fractions to simplest form and they are the same, they are also proportional.

How do you divide whole fractions with simple fractions?

It is simple all u really do is divide reguarlly.......

How do you change the dessimilar fractions to similar fractions?

to change dessimilar fractions to similar fractions you divide

How do you divide a fraction into a fraction?

"Dividing Fractions is easy as pie, flip the second and multiply." Flip the second fraction, and multiply, and reduce.

Why do you invert fractions?

When you divide by fractions, you invert and multiply.

What is divide fractions?

It is an instruction as to what you are required to do with some fractions.

How do you reduce a fractions to a whole number?

You probably mean improper fraction like 27/ do that you'd have to divide the numerator by the denominator. And the answer to that is 9

How 2 divide a mixed number by a mixed number?

Change them into improper fractions. Invert the second fraction and multiply them together. Reduce if necessary.

Where are the fractions?

The fractions are when you divide a whole number into equal parts

Why do you not divide fractions?

you don't divide fractions because you can't put a whole number into only part of a number!

Is the reciprocal used to divide fractions?

In order to divide two fractions, multiply the first times the reciprocal of the second.

How do you divide negative fractions from positive fractions?

You divide the equivalent positive numbers. Then you add a negative sign to the result.

What does divide out common factors mean?

It's a way to reduce fractions. If you wanted to reduce 20/24 and you knew that the GCF of 20 and 24 was 4, you would divide 20 and 24 by 4 and get 5 and 6. 20/24 = 5/6

How can you divide fractions?


Why is you impossible divide fractions?

Me is actually not impossible divide fractions. You just take the reciprocal of the dividend and multiply.

How do you reduce fractions to the simplest form?

find a number that does into the top and bottom number evenly. then divide. when it cant be divided any more then it is in simplest form.....

How do you reduce fractions into lowest terms?

Find the GCF of the numerator and the denominator. Divide each of them by that number. If the GCF is 1, the fraction is already in its lowest terms.

How is greatest common factor related to fractions?

When you are trying to reduce a fraction, if you divide the numerator and the denominator by their GCF, you will end up with a fraction in its simplest form.

How do you convert a decimal into a fraction and then reduce?

One way to convert decimals to fractions is to say them out loud. 0.45 is forty-five hundredths, or 45/100. We reduce fractions by taking the GCF of the numerator and denominator. The GCF of 45 and 100 is 5. Divide both numbers by 5 and get 9/20.

How do you get the mean ofa improper fractions?

Same as for other numbers. You sum them together and divide the result by the number of fractions.Same as for other numbers. You sum them together and divide the result by the number of fractions.Same as for other numbers. You sum them together and divide the result by the number of fractions.Same as for other numbers. You sum them together and divide the result by the number of fractions.