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That depends what operation you need to do: you have to learn separately how to add and subtract, multiply, divide, simplify, and expand fractions. Since this is a rather long topic, I suggest you review your school books, or check some online resources. See the related links for one of them.

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Q: How do you do operations involving fractions?
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Related questions

How would decide what to do first when solving an equation involving fractions?

Eradicate the fractions.

How do you solve absolute value involving fractions?

Fractions make no difference to absolute values.

When should you use addition to solve a problem involving fractions?

you should use addition in a problem involving fractions if you see key words that mean to add, for example sum increase, altogether, etc

What is another name for the inverse in fraction operations?

The names of inverse operations depend on the operations, not on whether they are applied to fractions or other kinds of numbers.

How do you solve proper fractions?

You cannot solve proper fractions. You may be able to solve problems involving fractions but that is NOT the same thing. Furthermore, the solution methods depend on the problem.

How do algebraic operations involving significant figures?

because you are stupid...

What two operations reequire a common denominator?

Adding and subtracting fractions.

Why do you convert unlike fractions?

Unlike fractions have denominators that are unequal, and therefore cannot be added or subtracted. If two fractions need to be added or subtracted they must first be converted to like fractions.

What are the mathematical operations to be used involving numbers?

They are addition, subtraction, division and multiplication

When are accidents involving oils most likely to occur?

during transfer operations

What types of problems can be solved by using the least common multiple?

Adding and subtracting fractions.Problems involving the addition or subtraction of unlike fractions

When should you use addition to solve a problem involving fraction?

When fractions are being summed together.

What types of problems can be solved using LCM?

Problems involving the addition and subtraction of unlike fractions.

Why is it important to write the answer in simplest form?

Because most people find it easier to work with fractions involving small numbers rather than equivalent fractions involving large numbers. They would rather use 1/6 than try to work with 261/1566.

What is an algorithm that will work for any 2 fractions including mixed numbers?

An algorithm is a rule or procedure for solving a particular problem. We are not told what is the problem involving these 2 fractions which is to be solved.

Do you need a common denominator for all fractions before doing the order of operations?

You DO need a common denominator to add, subtract, or compare fractions. You DO NOT need a common denominator to multiply or divide fractions.

How do you solve a fraction?

You cannot solve a fraction. You can solve a question about fractions, you can carry out basic operations with fractions, convert them from one form to another but none of these is "solving" them.

Operations involving munitions will cease when lightning is within how many miles of flightline?


What is undefined divided by undefined?

Mathematical operations involving undefined are not permitted. So the answer is undefined.

How do complex fractions be used to solve problems involving ratios?

you can use it by writing out the complex into a division problem then improper fraction

How does interpreting decimals as fractions help you make sense of adding and subtracting decimals?

Decimals are fractions. Fractions are easy to picture graphically. Considering them in a concrete fashion makes the basic operations of addition and subtraction easy to visualize.

When working with fractions and mixed numbers what 2 operations require that you find common denominators before beginning to work?

those two operations are addition and subtraction.

How do you handle the four fundamental fractions?

I never heard about "four fundamental fractions". There is a concept of fundamental operations, which refers to addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, but I don't think that "fundamental fractions" has any commonly-accepted meaning in math.

A mathematical phrase involving numbers and operations symbols but no variables?

(3+2) x 5

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homeland defense