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First note that this not the graph of y = |cot(x)|.

The equivalent equations for |y| = cot(x) or cot(x) = |y| are

cot(x) = -y or cot(x) = +y

So plot y = cot x and then reflect all the points in the x-axis.

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Q: How do you draw the graph of modulus of y equals cot x?
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How do you draw the graph of modulus y equals cotx?

I assume that with "modulus" you mean the absolute value. Start by graphing: y = cot x Remove negative values of the function value, since those can't be satisfied by the equation. You will also need to reflect the resulting function along the x-axis.

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What is the y-intercept of y equals cot x?


In triangle ACB with right angle at C if c equals 10 and a equals 3 then cot A equals 3 over 10?

No. Assuming that you have followed the conventional labelling of sides, cot(A) = sqrt(91)/3.

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What is the derivative of x equals cot2 divided by t?

Assuming you want dx/dt and that the equation is x = cot(2) / t (i.e. cot(2) is a constant) we can use the power rule. First, we rewrite it: cot(2)/t = cot(2) * t-1 thus, by the power rule: dx/dt = (-1) cot(2) * t-1 -1 = - cot(2) * t-2= = -cot(2)/t2

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cot 15 = cot(45 - 30) = cot45.cot30 - 1 / cot45 + cot 30

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