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Yes, it is.

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Q: Tan theta plus cot theta equals 2csc2 theta?
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How can you verify 1 plus tan theta divided by 1 minus tan theta equals cot theta plus 1 divided by cot theta minus 1?

It depends if 1 plus tan theta is divided or multiplied by 1 minus tan theta.

Sec squared theta plus tan squared theta equals to 13 12 and sec raised to 4 theta minus tan raised to 4 theta equals to how much?

It also equals 13 12.

If tansqtheta plus 5tantheta0 find the value of tantheta plus cottheta?

tan2(theta) + 5*tan(theta) = 0 => tan(theta)*[tan(theta) + 5] = 0=> tan(theta) = 0 or tan(theta) = -5If tan(theta) = 0 then tan(theta) + cot(theta) is not defined.If tan(theta) = -5 then tan(theta) + cot(theta) = -5 - 1/5 = -5.2

Can sine theta equals tan theta equals theta be equal for small angels?

Yes. (Theta in radians, and then approximately, not exactly.)

If tan Theta equals 2 with Theta in Quadrant 3 find cot Theta?

Cotan(theta) is the reciprocal of the tan(theta). So, cot(theta) = 1/2.

If sin theta equals 3/4 and theta is in quadrant II what is the value of tan theta?


What is theta when tantheta plus sectheta equals 1 please show work?

copy this and paste in your browsers address window

Can tan theta equals 700?

I assume. Since theta is a variable, standing for the measure of any angle.

What is cot theta divided by tan theta plus one equal?

whats the big doubt,cot/tan+1= 1+1= 2

Without a calculator how can theta be determined from the expression tan theta equals sqr of 5?

I'm asuming you meant "ten theta"the square of 5 is 2525 divided by 10 is 2.5so theta equals 2.5there you go =)

How do you find theta if tan theta equals 1 and 0 is less than or equal to theta which is less than 2pi?

tan(theta) = 1 then theta = tan-1(1) + n*pi where n is an integer = pi/4 + n*pi or pi*(1/4 + n) Within the given range, this gives theta = pi/4 and 5*pi/4

What does Tan 3 theta equals -1?


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