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Yes, it is.

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Q: Tan theta plus cot theta equals 2csc2 theta?
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How can you verify 1 plus tan theta divided by 1 minus tan theta equals cot theta plus 1 divided by cot theta minus 1?

It depends if 1 plus tan theta is divided or multiplied by 1 minus tan theta.

Sec squared theta plus tan squared theta equals to 13 12 and sec raised to 4 theta minus tan raised to 4 theta equals to how much?

It also equals 13 12.

If tansqtheta plus 5tantheta0 find the value of tantheta plus cottheta?

tan2(theta) + 5*tan(theta) = 0 => tan(theta)*[tan(theta) + 5] = 0=> tan(theta) = 0 or tan(theta) = -5If tan(theta) = 0 then tan(theta) + cot(theta) is not defined.If tan(theta) = -5 then tan(theta) + cot(theta) = -5 - 1/5 = -5.2

Can sine theta equals tan theta equals theta be equal for small angels?

Yes. (Theta in radians, and then approximately, not exactly.)

If tan Theta equals 2 with Theta in Quadrant 3 find cot Theta?

Cotan(theta) is the reciprocal of the tan(theta). So, cot(theta) = 1/2.

If sin theta equals 3/4 and theta is in quadrant II what is the value of tan theta?


What is theta when tantheta plus sectheta equals 1 please show work?

copy this and paste in your browsers address window

Can tan theta equals 700?

I assume. Since theta is a variable, standing for the measure of any angle.

What is cot theta divided by tan theta plus one equal?

whats the big doubt,cot/tan+1= 1+1= 2

Without a calculator how can theta be determined from the expression tan theta equals sqr of 5?

I'm asuming you meant "ten theta"the square of 5 is 2525 divided by 10 is 2.5so theta equals 2.5there you go =)

When is tan theta theta?

tan (theta x theta) : must square the value of the angle, theta, before applying the trig function, tangent.

What does Tan 3 theta equals -1?


What isTan theta?

Tan theta is a function of the number theta.

How do you find theta if tan theta equals 1 and 0 is less than or equal to theta which is less than 2pi?

tan(theta) = 1 then theta = tan-1(1) + n*pi where n is an integer = pi/4 + n*pi or pi*(1/4 + n) Within the given range, this gives theta = pi/4 and 5*pi/4

What is sec squared theta times cos squared theta minus tan squared theta?


What is sec theta if tan theta equals 2 with theta in quadrant 3?

If tan theta equals 2, then the sides of the triangle could be -2, -1, and square root of 5 (I used the Pythagorean Theorem to get this). From this, sec theta is negative square root of 5. It is negative because theta is in the third quadrant, where cosine, secant, sine, and cosecant are all negative.

What is tangent of theta as a percentage?

It is 100*tan(theta).

How do you solve tan squared theta - tan theta equals 0?

Let x = theta, since it's easier to type, and is essentially the same variable. Since tan^2(x)=tan(x), you know that tan(x) must either be 1 or zero for this statement to be true. So let tan(x)=0, and solve on your calculator by taking the inverse. Similarly for, tan(x)=1

How do you simplify sin theta times csc theta divided by tan theta?

Since sin(theta) = 1/cosec(theta) the first two terms simply camcel out and you are left with 1 divided by tan(theta), which is cot(theta).

Sin theta 0 and tan theta 0?


What is tan theta minus cot theta?


Given tan Theta equals negative 15 divided by 8 and 90 degrees is less than or equal to theta which is less than or equals to 180 state 5 other trigonometric ratios and determine the measure of theta?

sin(theta) = 15/17, cosec(theta) = 17/15 cos(theta) = -8/17, sec(theta) = -17/8 cotan(theta) = -8/15 theta = 2.0608 radians.

How do you find tan-theta when sin-theta equals -0.5736 and cos-theta is greater than 0?


Tan 9-tan 27-tan 63 plus tan81 equals 4?


Exact solution for Tan theta equals negative square root of 3?

Negative 1.047197551 etc, etc.