How do you factor 6a2 plus 5a-4?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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(2a - 1)(3a + 4)

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Q: How do you factor 6a2 plus 5a-4?
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How do you factor 6a2 plus 5ab - 6b2?

6a2 + 5ab - 6b2 = (3a - 2b)(2a + 3b)

What is the correct answer when you factor 6a2 plus 3a?

3a(2a + 1)

How do you simplify 5-a-1 plus c-6a2 plus a2?

5 - a - 1 + c - 6a2 + a2

25a5 plus 15a4 plus 10a3 divide 5a?

5a4 + 3a3 + 2a2

What is the factor 6a2-8ab 2a?

2a(3a - 4b + 1)

Which is a factor of 6a2 5ab - 6b2?

(3a - 2b)(2a + 3b)

What is the coefficient of the term -5a4?

-5a4 The coefficient would be -5. The variable is a and the power is 4.

What is the greatest common factor of 6a2-8a?

The GCF of 6a^2 and 8a is 2a.

What is 6a squared minus 8ab plus 2a factored as?

6a2 - 8ab + 2aas you can see a is common to all terms. And 2 is a factor of 6,8, and 2. So 2a is a factor of all three terms:2a(3a-4b+1)

What are the factors of 18a²-16a plus 38?

18a2 + 16a + 38 = 3(6a2 + 8a + 19)

Which is a factor of 6a2 plus 5ab - 6b2?

Considering the minus sign between 5ab and 6b2 then we have the polynomial as 6a2 + 5ab - 6b2. The polynomial is a quadratic polynomial.Steps to factorize a quadratic polynomial:1 - Multiply first term by third term. 6a2 x (-6b2) = -36a2b22 - If possible break the second term into two terms such that they multiple to -36a2b2. If not then it is factorized by Sridharacharya's formula.5ab can be broken as 9ab + (-4ab).These two terms multiply to give -36a2b2.So we can write 6a2 + 5ab - 6b2 = 6a2 + 9ab + (-4ab) - 6b2.6a2 + 9ab - 4ab - 6b2 = 3a(2a + 3b) - 2b(2a + 3b) = (2a + 3b)(3a - 2b).So the factors are (2a + 3b) and (3a - 2b).

How do you factor a polynomial with the equation of 6A2 - B 2?

The given polynomial does not have factors with rational coefficients.