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It is 3a(a+3) when factored

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Q: How do you factorise 3a2 plus 9a?
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What is 3a2 plus 16a plus 5?

3a2+16a+5 = (3a+1)(a+5) when factored

How do you factorise 6ax plus 9a?

Find what you can divide both 6ax and 9a by.They can both be divided by 3, leaving 2ax and 3a.These can both be divided by a, leaving 2x and 3.So 6ax + 9a = 3a (2x + 3)The factors of 6ax + 9a are 3a and (2x + a)

What is The simplified form of (3a2 - 5ab plus c2) plus (-2a2 plus 10ab plus 6c2)?

What is The simplified form of (3a2 - 5ab plus c2) plus (-2a2 plus 10ab plus 6c2)

How do you factorise 9aยฒ-25?


2a plus 5a plus 9a equals?

2a+5a+9a = 16a

How do you factor 81a2 plus 36a plus 4?

(9a + 2)(9a + 2)

What is 3a2 plus 9?


What is 3a x a?


What is the factor of a2 plus 9a plus 20?

a2+9a+20 = (a+4)(a+5) when factored

How many terms does this polynomial have 4a3 plus 3a2 plus 2a plus 1?


How do you factor 3a2-16a plus 5?

3a2 - 16a + 5 = 3a2 - 15a - a + 5 = 3a(a -5) - 1(a -5) = (3a - 1)(a - 5)

A2b plus 3a2 plus 2b plus 6?

(a2 + 2)(b + 3)

What is 3a plus 4b plus 6a plus 3b in algebra?

9a + 7b *remember to look and understand the letters!*

What is the answer to 9a plus 5?

There is nothing you can do to 9a + 5 without knowing the value of a.

What is 3a2 plus 4a-4?

(a + 2)(3a - 2)

-14 plus 9a equals 38?

-14 + 9a = 389a = 52a = 52/9 or 5.78

What is 9a plus 21 equals?

9a+21 3(3a+7)

What is 9a plus 3b-11a-4b?

9a + 3b - 11a - 4b = -2a -b

-9(a plus b)?

The simplified expression is -9a -9b.

What is 12a plus 6b plus 9a plus 14b equals?

12a + 6b + 9a + 14b =(12a + 9a) + (6b + 14b) =21a + 20b

Factorise a a plus 10a plus 24?

(a + 6)(a + 4)

What is 9a plus 45z?

That cannot be simplified any further so it is: 9a + 45z

9a plus 15 equals 7a plus 9?

Collect like terms: 9a -7a = 9 - 15, ie 2a = -6, so a = -3

Simplify 7a plus 2a plus 1?

9a + 1

What is 9a plus 8-2a-3-5a?

9a +8 -2a -3 -5a = 2a +5