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(x - 5)(x - 2)(x - 2)

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Q: How do you factorise the expression x cubed minus 9x squared plus 24x minus 20?
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X squared minus 8x minus 15?

What about it? Factorise it?

How do you factorise 12x squared minus 9x minus 14?

With the help of the quadratic equation formula

How do you factorise 5x squared minus 9x minus 2?

(5x + 1)(x - 2)

What is 2 cubed minus 3 squared?

9 minus 8

How do you factorise x squared minus 7 x?

x(x - 7)

How do you factorise 6y squared minus 9xy?

It is: 3y(2y-3x) when factored

How do you factorise 12x squared minus 46x minus 110?


What is 10x squared minus 6x cubed?


4 cubed minus 8 squared?


How how do you factorise 3x squared minus 8x?

3x2 - 8x = x(3x - 8)

How do you factor the expression x cubed minus x squared plus x minus 3?

x³ - x² + x - 3 (x² + 1)(x - 1) - 2

X squared plus y squared minus 1 all cubed then minus the product of x squared times y cubed that all equals 0 How do you solve for y?

You have to put your heart into it!

Factorise 14x squared minus 39x minus 35?

14x2 - 39x - 35 = (7x + 5)(2x - 7)

How do you factorise x squared minus 4?

X2 - 4= (x + 2)(x - 2)===========

How do you factorise y squared minus 10y plus 16?

(y - 8)(y - 2)

What is 10 cubed minus 6 squared?

964 = 1,000 - 36

How can you get to the number two in a tricky way?

How about: (3 squared minus 2 cubed) + 1 to the fourth 3 cubed minus 5 squared log 100 Kim Basinger's weeks minus Doris Day's cents.

What is c squared minus 100?

An algebraic expression

How do you factorise x squared minus 121?

( x2 - 121 ) = (x + 11) times (x - 11)

How do you factorise 2x squared minus 13x plus 21?

(x - 3)(2x - 7)

What is 2x cubed minus 10x squared minus 12x?


What is 4a cubed minus 4a squared?

4a3 - 4a2 = 4a2*(a - 1)

How do you factor the expression 9 minus i squared?

(3 - i)(3 + i)

B squared minus a squared equals?

To evaluate it you need to know both b and a. But it is possible to factorise it as follows: b2-a2 = (b-a)*(b+a)

How do you factor x cubed minus x squared minus 12x?

x(x + 3)(x - 4)