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(y - 8)(y - 2)

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Q: How do you factorise y squared minus 10y plus 16?
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Related questions

What is 10y squared minus 15y squared?

10y2 - 15y2 = -5y2

What is the answer to -9x - 8y 7x 10y?

That would depend on the plus or minus values of 7x and 10y of which none have been given.

Factor 5x squared - 20xy plus 10y squared?

5(x^2 - 4xy + 2y^2)

How do you factorise 10y - 6?


What is 10y squared -23y plus 9 factorised?

(5x-9)(2x-1) when factored

Combine like terms. 2y2 plus 2(4y2 and minus 6)?

10y^2 -12

How do you factor x squared plus 10y plus 25?

x2 + 10y + 25 doesn't factor neatly. If that was x2 + 10x + 25, it would factor to (x + 5)(x + 5) or (X + 5)2

What is 10y plus 40?

10y plus 40 equals 50y.

10y equals 2y plus 4 plus 7y?

10y = 9y + 4, so y = 4

What are the slope and yintercept of line 5x 10y 15?

Without the inclusion of an equality sign and not knowing the plus or minus values of the given terms it can't be considered to be a straight line equation

What is the maximum value of 6x plus 10y in the feasible region?

maximum value of 6y+10y

What is the answer to 4x plus 5y plus 3x plus 5y?

It is: 7x+10y

What is 12y2 plus 1 plus 15y2 - 10y - 18y?

12y2+1+15y2-10y-18y=27y2-28y+1. contact at

What does y stand for in 15y plus 14 equals 2 times 5y plus 6?

15y+14=2(5y+6) 15y+14=10y+12 15y+14-14=10y+12-14 15y=10y-2 15y-10y=10y-2-10y 5y=-2 y=-2/5

What is the x and y intercept of - 10x minus 10y equals - 20?

If you mean: -10x-10y = -20 then x intercept is at (2, 0) and y intercept at (0, 2)

Y2 plus 10y plus 25 equals 0?

yes that is correct

How do you factor 10x plus 10y plus 100?

10x+10y+100 There is a common 10 in each number. 10(x+y+10)

Solve the equation10y equals 6y plus 5 plus 3y?

10y= 6y+5+3y 10y=6+9y y=6

What is 5y plus 5y?

5y + 5y = 10y

What is the centre of a circle and its radius on the Cartesian plane when its equation is x squared plus y squared equals 12x -10y -12 showing work?

If: x^2+y^2 = 12x-10y-12 Then: x^2+y^2-12x+10y = -12 Completing the squares: (x-6)^2+(y+5)^2 -36-25 = -12 So: (x-6)^2+(y+5)^2 = 49 Therefore the centre of the circle is at (6, -5) and its radius is 7

What is 10y equals 2y-6y plus 7?

10y = 2y - 6y + 7 10y =-4y + 7 10y +4y = 7 14y = 7 y = 1/2 = .5

What is the gcf of 10y plus 15?

The greatest common factor of 10y plus 15 is 5.

What is 4x-5 plus 3y plus 4x-10y plus 11?

8x - 7y + 6

What is the sum of 2y plus 8y?

2y+8y = 10y

What is y 10y plus 23 equals 4y plus 26?

y = ½ (6y = 3)