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a decimal with 1 number to the right of the point is over 10: .7 = 7/10

a decimal with 2 numbers to the right of the point is over 100: .49 = 49/100

a decimal with 3 numbers to the right of the point is over 1000: .117 = 117/1000

However try to simplify the fraction: .25 = 25/100 = 1/4

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Q: How do you find a fraction from a decinmal?
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How do you convert frasctions into a decinmal?

1) you spelled decimal and fractions wrong 2)you divide the number on top(nominator) with the number on the bottom(denominator)

How do you find the half of a fraction?

To find the half of a fraction, multiply the given fraction by 1/2 or 0.5.

How do you find the slope when you have a fraction?

The slope can be a fraction.

How do you calculate the fraction of a fraction?

Remember that in math, "of" usually means "times". To find a fraction of a fraction, multiply them.

How do you find a fraction if the fraction is reduced and you don't know the fraction?

Your question is unclear.If you are trying to find a fraction it implies you do not know what it is, otherwise you would not be trying to find it.Fractions are generally reduced to their simplest form for clarity.

How do you find a greater fraction?

Add a positive number - fraction or integer - to the given fraction.

How can you find equivalent fractions to a given decimal?

You turn the decimal into a fraction. Then you can find the equivalent fraction.

Are there fraction games for my iPad?

To find a complete list of fraction game apps, visit You will find games such as Fraction Fairy, Chicken Coop Fractions, and Fraction Monkey there.

How do you find the sum or difference of a fraction?

The sum of a fraction? Well, to find the sum of the fraction all you do is divide both top and bottom numbers.

What to find the simplest form of a fraction?

To simplify a fraction, find the GCF of the numerator and denominator and divide them by it. If the GCF is 1, the fraction is in its simplest form.

What is the largest fraction less than1?

There is no such fraction. For any fraction, you can always find a fraction that is nearer to 1 - for example, the average of the fraction and one.

What is a thrid of a fraction?

To find one third of any fraction, multiply that fraction by 1/3.

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