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Let the length be x:

2*x = perimeter-(2*breadth)

Then divide both sides by 2 to find the vallue of x

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Q: How do you find length of a rectangle when breadth and perimeter are given?
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What is the perimeter of a rectangle whose length is 18 cm and breadth is 10 cm?

56 cm Perimeter of a rectangle is given by 2(length + breadth). So, perimeter of given rectangle = 2(18 + 10) = 56

How do you find area and length of a rectangle if perimeter and breadth is given?

2(length+breadth)=Perimetre Length= (Perimetre/2)-Breadth Area=Length x breadth

What is the breadth of the rectangle when the area and length is given?

Divide the area by the length of the rectangle

What is the area of the rectangle when the length and breadth are given?

All you need to do is length x breadth = area

How do yo find the width of a rectangle if the perimeter is 334 and the length is 96?

we have the formula to find perimeter of the rectangle i.e. perimeter = 2(l+b) where l = length b = breadth substitute l=96 and perimeter = 334,we get 334 = 2(96+b) 334/2=96+b, 167 = 96 + b b = 167-96 =71. b = breadth of the given rectangle is 71.

What is the formula to to find length and breadth if the perimeter is given?

l = Length W = breadth or width perimeter = 2 x (L+W) = 2L + 2W

How do you find height when length and breadth are given in rectangle?

A rectangle is a 2-dimensional object. It cannot have length and breadth AND height. If three dimensions are given, then two of them (eg breadth and height) must stand for the same thing.

How do you find the length and breadth with only the area and perimeter?

let the length be 'x' and the breadth be 'y' then area = xy and perimeter = 2x+2y Solve the simultaneous linear equations by given area and perimeter. Regards, A Pakistani!

How do you find the perimeter of a rectangle given the length and width?

Perimeter = 2*(L + W).

What is the formula to find the length of a rectangle when the perimeter and width is already given?

Length = (Perimeter - twice width) / 2

What is area of rectangle when breadth and width are given?

The breadth of a rectangle is the height.

If 15.6 and CE 4.5 what is the perimeter of the rectangle?

If the given dimensions are the length and width of a rectangle then its perimeter is 15.6+4.5+15.6+4.5 = 40.2