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Find the distance of the point from the centre of the circle. If the distance is

- less than that radius then the point is inside the circle,

- equal to the radius then the point is on the circle, and

- greater than that radius then the point is outside the circle.

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Q: How do you find out if each point is on inside or outside of the circle?
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What if two circles touch each other the one circle is inside the other?

The centres and the point of contact are all in a straight line, if the circle is inside or outside.

How long are each side of an octagon 24 inch circle?

The answer depends on whether the octagon is inside the circle or outside (tangential).

How many angles does a rectangle has?

Four inside angles, all of them being right angles (90 degrees) in each corner. You could also count the four outside angles, outside each corner, each one being 270 degrees. (Adding one inside angle with its outside angle = 360 degrees (a circle)

A line that is tangent to two circles?

... touches each circle in exactly one point on each circle. given any two circles where none is entirely inside or inside and tangent to the other, there are at most four straight lines that are tangent to both circles.

How far is each point of the circle from the center point?

The Radius

If a circle is inscribed in a hexagon which of the following must be true?

A. The hexagon is circumscribed about the circle . D. Each vertex of the hexagon lies outside the circle . E. The circle is tangent to each side of the hexagon .

A circle inside a polygon where each side of the polygon is tangent to the circle?

the circle is inscribed in the polygon

Where is the center of the largest circle that you could draw inside a given triangle?

The center of the largest circle that you could draw inside a given triangle is going to be at the incenter of the triangle. This is the point where bisectors from each angle of the triangle meet.

What is a polygon inside a circle?

When a polygon is within a circle and the circle touches each one of its corners it is referred to as circumscribed.

What do the circles in venn diagrams represent?

Each circle defines the boundaries of a set, all of whose members share a characteristic. All objects with the characteristic are inside the circle, all those without that characteristic are outside.

Is each point that lies on a circle satisfies the equation of the circle true or false?


Is one square inch larger than one circular inch?

yes, a circle has the smallest surface area of anything. just imagine a circle inside a square so that there is 1 point on each side of the square touching a point on the circle. The corners of the square are the only thing the circle does not have, while the circle does not have anything the square does not have. Square is bigger

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