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You need an equation for the nth term of the sequence, or some other means of identifying the sequence.

In general, they will be a+n, a+2n, a+3n and a+4n

although some go for a, a+n, a+2n and a+3n.

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Q: How do you find the first four term of an arithmetic sequence?
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What is first four terms of the arithmetic sequence with common difference of 3 and a first term of -26?


What is a good example of an arithmetic sequence?

An excellent example of an arithmetic sequence would be: 1, 5, 9, 13, 17, in which the numbers are going up by four, thus having a common difference of four. This fulfills the requirements of an arithmetic sequence - it must have a common difference between all numbers.

If a equals 4 and d equals -2 what is the first four terms of the arithmetic sequence?


What is the 2009Th term in the arithmetic sequence whose first four terms are twentynine sixteen and twentythree?

We need help with answering this question.

What is the relationship between the terms 5 9 13 17 in this arithmetic sequence?

Each number is four more than the previous number.

How many possible sequences of four numbers are there from 1 to 8?

Question is not very clear about the context of word 'sequence' here. If I am to select 4 numbers out of four and arrange them in order then there are 4!*8C4 = 1680 different sequences possible. If the word sequence refers to some arithmetic sequence or geometric sequence, then counting is going to change for sure.

For the picture sequence above find the picture that follows logically from one of the four below?

For the picture sequence above, find the picture that follows logically from one of the four below

What are the first four terms of the sequence an 4n -1?


What are the first four terms of a sequence when the nth term equals 3 to the power of n and what term number is 729 in the sequence?

The first four terms are 3 9 27 81 and 729 is the 6th term.

What are the first four terms of sequence 5n - 3 equals?


Which is an arithmetic operation?

The four basic operations of arithmetic are addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Is multiplication an arithmetic operation?

yes, there are four arithmetic operations, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division