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List the numbers in order.

If there is an ODD number of numbers, the median is the number in the middle (eg if there are 11 numbers listed, the median is the (11+1)÷2 = 6th number).

If there is an EVEN number of numbers, the median is the mean of the middle two (eg if there are 12 numbers listed, the median is the mean of the (12÷2) = 6th and the 6th+1 = 7th numbers, ie (6th+7th)÷2.)

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Q: How do you find the median in mathematics?
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What is similar for the Median and Mode in math?

Median and mode are in mathematics.

How the word median in mathematics like median of a highway?

there both in the middle

When do you use mean and median?

in statistics in year 8 mathematics

Why do you find median?

You find the median to find the middle number

What is the mean and mode and median in Mathematics?

the mode is number that occurs the most often.

What does medain mean?

Median means the middle. In mathematics, you take a list of numbers, list them from lowest to highest, and the median is whatever number is in the middle.

How to find Median of probability distribution?

how do i find the median of a continuous probability distribution

How do find the median with 4 different numbers?

There would be no median.

What happens to the median when you come up with two answer?

when you have an even amount of numbers while trying to find the median, you first find the two numbers that are at the median and then take all the numbers between them and find the median of that. if that amount of digits is also even, then you must have a decimal median.

How do you find missing frequency if median and mode are given?

How do you find missed frequency if median and mode are given

What is the median in a set of numbers?

to find the median in a set of numbers you have to order them from the smallest to the largest and find the middle value e.g. 2,4,3,7,1 1,2,3,4,7 the median is 3

What is the definition for the mathematical term for median?

Median is the number that u find in the middle.

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