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Multiplied the price by the percentage and divided the answer by 100.

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Q: How do you find the percent of a price?
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How do you find 10 percent of the price?

Percent means "hundredths". To get 10% of a price, multiply the price by 10/100.

How do you find the percent of markup?

(Selling Price - Cost price)/Selling Price * 100

How do you find cost price if profit percent and selling price is given?

find cost price if selling price =600 and profit=20%

How do you find 25 percent of a price?

Divide it by 4.

How do you find sales price when given percent of increase?

if p is the percent increase, multiply the old price by (1+p) to get the new increased price.

Find the selling price of an item listed at 400 subject to a discounted series 25 percent 10 percent and 5 percent?

find the selling price of an item listed at $400 subject to a discounted series 25 percent 10 percent and 5 percent

A price increased from 30 to 50 Find the percent of increase?

The percent of the increase is: 66.67%

The regular price of an item is 79.99 the discount percent 15 percent find the discount and the sale price?

The discount value is $11.99 and the sale price is $67.99

How do you find the new price of an item if you know the original price and the percent of increase?

Convert the percent of increase into a decimal, multiply that by the original price and take that answer, and add it on to the original price. BAM. new price:)

How do you find the price of a decrease when the percent is giving?

The discounted price will be = original price x (100 - %discount) / 100

If the cost price of 21 articles is equal to the selling price of 18 articles find the gain or loss percent?

there will be a gain of 16.562 percent.

How do you solve a commission problem where you need to find the original price?

Commission = percent x original price / 100 so original price = commission x 100 / percent

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