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Convert the percent of increase into a decimal, multiply that by the original price and take that answer, and add it on to the original price. BAM. new price:)

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Q: How do you find the new price of an item if you know the original price and the percent of increase?
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What is the definition of percent of increase?

Percent of increase is the product of changes in price over the original price with 100%. That is:percent increase = (changes in price/original price) x 100%.For example:In a year period, the price of a stock increased from 50 dollars a share to 59 dollars a share. To find the percent of increase in the share price, compare the change in price to the original price:percent increase = (changes in price/original price) x 100%.= (59 dollars - 50 dollars)/50 dollars x 100%= 18%

How do you find the new price of a percent increase?

You multiply the percent ( so 40% = .4) by the number then add the product to the original number.

How do you find the original price when you know the percent of increase?

Okay. If you have the percent increace, you cannot find the original price. BUT if you have the percent increace and the INCREACED PRICE than you take 100 and minus the percent increace and then divide adapted price by that number. than times THAT by 100. (EX. 75% INCREACE AND ENDING PRICE 15$) ( THAN 100-75=25 SO 15X25=375 THAN 375DIVIDEDBY100=3.75 3.75 ORIGINAL.

A price increased from 30 to 50 Find the percent of increase?

The percent of the increase is: 66.67%

How do you find sales price when given percent of increase?

if p is the percent increase, multiply the old price by (1+p) to get the new increased price.

How do you solve a commission problem where you need to find the original price?

Commission = percent x original price / 100 so original price = commission x 100 / percent

Find the original price of a pair of shoes if the sales price is 78 after a 25 percent discount?

The original price was $104.00

How do you find the percent of discount if you know the original price in the sale price?

Percentage discount = 100*(1 - sale price/original price)

How do you find 10 percent increase?

Multiply the original amount by 1.10 .

How do you find the original price of an item if you know the sales tax percent and amount?

The amount of tax divided by the percent of tax (expressed as a decimal) will equal the original price.

Sale price of a car is 17309 dollars which is 30 percent off the original price What is the original price?

30 percent reduction means it is now selling at 70 percent of its original price. 70/100 = 17309 Divide 17309 by 70 to find 1% and then multiply the quotient by 100 to find its original price. 17309/70 = 247.2714286 247.2714286*100 = 24727.14286 dollars which is its original price. Answer: 24727 dollars correct to the nearest dollar.

How do you find the price of a decrease when the percent is giving?

The discounted price will be = original price x (100 - %discount) / 100