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Count the lengths of each side and sum them up (add them all together.)

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Q: How do you find the perimeter of a rectangle with coordinates on graph paper?
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What are coordinates used on?

Maps, and Graph Paper.

What is a sentence using the word graph paper?

Ex: Find coordinates -2Y and +5X on your graph paper.

Explain how you could use grid paper to draw a rectangle with a perimeter of 18 units?

i dont know the anwser

Explain how you can use grid paper to draw a rectangle with a perimeter of 18 units?

I think if it were to be a triangle that it would be six on each

What is the perimeter of the letter b?

It depends on the font - the exact shape of the letter. If you can draw the letter on graph paper, that might help.

Where can one find free graph paper?

You can print free graph paper if you have a printer. You can find the free graph paper templates available online at the Print Free Graph Paper website.

On graph paper letting 1 foot represent each square draw a rectangle 1'L x 10'W x 22'Perimeter x 10'squared Area?

The question is perhaps a bit confusing, because normally when we use the terms length and width in describing rectangles, the length refers to the longer dimension, and the width to the shorter. Because the question is worded so as to depart from that convention, it is reasonable to revert to the graph paper convention of making widths horizontal (along rows) and lengths vertical (along columns), even if the length is shorter than the width. So that means the answer is to draw along the perimeter of a group of 10 consecutive boxes in a single row on the graph paper.

Is the proper term graph paper or graphing paper?

I have never heard anyone call it 'graph paper' and since it doesn't already have a graph on it, the proper term would be 'graphing paper.'

How can one print free graph paper?

One can print free graph paper, by downloading graph paper files from the internet and then printing them. That will cost nothing, except for some paper and ink.

What is the perimeter of 38 and 15?

A shape on a piece of paper has a perimeter. A pair of numbers doesn't have a perimeter.

How many boxes are there in graph paper?

Graph papers come in very many different grid sizes.

Where can one find printable graph paper?

Once can find printable graph paper from a variety of different sites. These include some great free sites such as Print Free Graph Paper, and Printable Paper.

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