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sine[theta]=opposite/hypotenuse=square root of (1-[cos[theta]]^2)

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Q: How do you find the sine of an angle?
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How do you find sine?

In a right angle triangle divide the opposite by the hypotenuse to find the sine ratio.

How do you determine sine in a right triangle?

The sine of an angle in a right triangle is opposite/hypotenuse, where opposite is the only side that is not adjacent to the angle you want to find the sine of, and the hypotenuse is the side opposite the right angle in the triangle. Just find opposite/hypotenuse.

What ratio do you use to find the sine of an angle in a right triangle?

Sine ratio = opposite/hypotenuse

Cosecant on calculator?

Cosecant is the reciprocal of sine. To find the cosecant of an angle using a calculator, find the sine of that angle (using the Sin button) and then divide 1 by the result.

What angle has a sine of 0.13?

To find which angle has a sine of 0.13, you calculate arcsin or sin^-1(0.13) =7.47 degrees 7.47 degrees has a sine of 0.13. There is also another angle , below 360 , has a sine of 0.13. Subtract 7.47 from 180. 180-7.47 = 172.53 degrees also has a sine of 0.13.

How do you find the hypotenuse with a cosine and or sine?

For a right angle triangle:- hypotenuse = adjacent/cosine or hypotenuse = opposite/sine

Where to use sine and cosine in physics?

The sine, cosine and tangent are used to find the degrees of a right angle triangle.

How do you find the the sine of -900 degrees?

Divide -900 by 360, and the remainder will be the angle you need to find the sine of: -900 / 360 = -2.5 --> -900 = 360*(-2 - 0.5), so sine(-180°) = sine(-900°). sine(-180°) = 0

What is sine center?

its a type of sine bar . it is used in metrology lab .from this equipment we can find tapered angle of a conical spcimen

What is the size of an angle when the sine is 6352?

the sine of an angle can't be greater than 1.0

The sine of a 30 degrees angle equals what?

the sine of a 30 degree angle is 0.5

Is sine of an angle directly proportional to an angle?

No. The sine of an angle is not directly proportional to the angle. It is a function of the angle, but it is periodic, repeating every 360 degrees of the angle.

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