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Q: How do you find x- and y- intercepts given a graph?
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Why do you need x intercepts for quadratic equations?

so you can find the solution for the x-values. the x-intercepts are when the graph crosses the x-axis

How do you find the maximum height of a parabolic path?

If "a" is negative then the graph is a cap. Find the x intercepts. Average the two x intercepts and substitute that into the equation it will give you the y.

How do you determine the intercepts from an equation or graph?

From the equation, the y intercept is simply determined by setting x = 0. The x intercept(s) are generally much harder to find: you will need to find the solutions of y = 0 [or f(x) = 0]. From the graph the intercepts are the coordinates of the points at which the graph crosses the axes.

How do you use a graphing calculator to solve quadratic equations?

Graph the equation then find the x intercepts.

How do you find x and y intercepts?

if you are looking at a graph the y intercept is when the graph crosses the y axis and the x intercept is when the graph crosses the x axis. if you have a formula... plug zero in for x to find the y intercept, and plug zero in for y to find the x intercept

What are x and y intercepts?

The x and y intercepts are where a line on a graph intersects (crosses over) the x or y axis.

Can you graph x4 10x2 33x2 38x 8 numbers in parentheses are exponents Find All X-Intercepts Y Intercept Turning points?

Can you Graph: x4 +10x2 + 33x2 + 38x +8 Find: All X-Intercepts, Y-Intercept, Turning points

What is the point where a graph intercepts the x-axis?

The point where a graph intercepts the x axis may have several names. It could be called an x-intercept, a root, or a solution.It is at: (x, 0).

How d yu find x and y intercept on a graph?

In the equation y = f(x), Put x = 0 and solve for y. Those are the y intercepts. Put y = 0 and solve for x. Those are the x intercepts.

If you are looking a graph of an quadratic equation how do you know where the solutions are?

They will be on the horizontal x axis of the graph (look for the x-intercepts).

How do you graph y x 2?

It is a line. There are many ways to graph it using intercepts etc. But, you can pick some x points, plug them in your equation, and find the corresponding y point, The graph those (x,y) values

Find the x and y intercepts of 3x-2y6?

Given the linear equation 3x - 2y^6 = 0, the x and y intercepts are found by replacing the x and y with 0. This gives the intercepts of x and y where both = 0.