How do you found the height of rectangle?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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There is no "height" of a rectangle, unless it's a rectangular prism. Do you mean the length? If you have the area of the rectangle, the equation should be:

A= L x W

Plug in the area and the length and solve for the width, or plug in the area the width of the rectangle, and solve for the length.

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Q: How do you found the height of rectangle?
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The area of rectangle?

Rectangle area = (rectangle width) x (rectangle height)

Write statements as you can about a rectangle?

Rectangles have 4 sides Rectangles have 4 90 degree angles A rectangle's area can be found by multiplying it's length by it's height. A rectangle's perimeter can be found by adding all of it's sides together.

Why is the area of a rectangle base times height?

A rectangle is a good, simple shape to begin with. The area of a rectangle is equal to the product of the length of its base and the length of its height. The height is a segment that is perpendicular to the base. For a rectangle, the base and height are often called the "length" and the "width", and sometimes the height is referred to as the "altitude."

A 5 by 12 is inscribed in a circle what is the radius of the circle?

The center of the rectangle to the corner of the rectangle is the radius of the circle. That can be found using the distance formula sqrt((5/2)^2+(12/2)^2) = 6.5 = r 5/2 is half the height of the rectangle and 12/2 is half the height of the rectangle. radius = 6.5

Change the height of the rectangle in the picture to determine which of the following descriptions is accurate?

The size of the circle is a function of the height of the rectangle.

How do you find out the perimeter?

The perimeter of any 2D shape is the sum of all of the individual sides. For example: the perimeter of a rectangle is = length of rectangle (top) + length of rectangle (bottom) + height of rectangle (Left) + height of rectangle (Right)

Which formula for the area of a parallogram is similar to a rectangle circle triangle ellipse or trapezoid?

Rectangle Area of parallelogram = Base * Height Area of rectangle = Base * Height

How do you calute the area of a rectangle?

area of a rectangle is width x height

Show the height width length of a rectangle?

A rectangle is a two dimensional object: height, width and length are three dimensions.

A triangle is within a rectangle. how to find the ratio of the area of triangle to the rectangle?

Sounds like the triangle is spread out so that (the point is at the top of the rectangle) and (the base of the triangle is the same as the base of the rectangle).Base of rectangle = base of triangleHeight of rectangle = height of triangleWrite the formulas:Area of the rectangle = (base) times (height)Area of triangle = (one half of) (base) times (height)Can you see the ratio now ?

Can you explain why the area of a triangle is 1 half base height while the area rectangle or a parallelogram is expressed as base height?

If you draw a diagonal in a rectangle you get two equal triangles, each half the area of the rectangle. Area of rectangle is base x height, so half of that is ½ x base x height. QED

What is the area of a rectangle with a base of 30in and a height of 4yd?

The area of rectangle is : 120.0