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How about: 44-(4/4) = 43

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Q: How do you get the answer 43 only using the number 4 four times?
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How do you make 31 using only the number 4?

As a solution to the four fours problem (using the number four no more than four times to come up with the solution, 31 is equal to (4!+4)/4+4!

How do you get an answer of 11 when using the number 4 only four times?

4/.4 + 4/4 = 10 + 1 = 11.

With only using the numbers one four six and four each once using any operation add subtract divide or times. How would i get the number 25?


Which is the largest 4 digits number using 4 at 4 times?

It looks like you're asking what is the largest 4-digit number which has four 4's for digits - with a four digit number using four 4's, there is only one such number: 4444. Maybe I'm not understanding the wording of your question.

How can I make the number 4 using four sevens only?

How about 4 times 7 is 28 and 8 divded by 2 is 4

How can you get 4 by using only four number threes?

( (3x3) +3 ) /3=4

What is the only number in the English language which is spelt using the same number of letters as the number itself?


How many times have all four number 1 seeds made it to final four?

The only time this occurred was in 2008.

What is 145.992 using only four significant figures?

145.992 using only four significant figures is 146.0

How many times have only 1 number one seeds made the final four?


What is 21600 using only four significant figures?

21,600 using only four significant figures is still 21,600.

What name appears only four times in the Bible?

Many names appear only four times. In the King James version, there are 638 words which appear only 4 times. Many of these are names. Using only ones which begin with the letter G we find Gabriel, Giddel and Guni.

How to get 25 only using the number 4 in a math equation?

Four factorial plus the square root of four minus (four divided by four) 24 + 2 - 1 = 25

What order of operations will work on 36 with only using four nines?

Multiplication because 4 times 9 = 36

What is a prime number times a prime number?

A prime number times a prime number is a composite number. Since prime numbers, except for 2, are odd numbers, a prime number times a prime number is usually an odd number. It will only be an even number if one of the prime numbers is 2. A prime number times a prime number will be a number with four factors unless both prime numbers are the same, in which case it will be a square number with only three factors.

Is there a number that is in the 8 times table and also is a prime number?

No, because the definition of a prime number is 'a number that can only be divided by one or itself, and still leave a whole number.' Anything in the eight times table would be divisible by two and four.

How do you make the numbers 0-100 using using only 4 4s?

Google "Four Fours" and you will find a number of solutions, presented more comprehensively than we can.

How do you get the number 31 only using 123 and 4 once?

2^3 Times 4 minus 1

How do you get 29 by using only four 4's?

Assuming you can only use the four basic operations, this is impossible.

What is the largest 6 digit number using only even numbers using each number only once?


How do you make 47 with 7 7 7 2 using only the four operators and using each number only once?

7 * (7/7) - 2 = (7*7)-2 = 49-2 = 47

It is the smallest six digit even number using the digits 02 and 9 at most two times only?


What is the only number which when written out contains the same amount of letters?

four-4 infinity + infinity + infinity... an infinate number of times will give you an infinate number of characters, and whos sum will be infinity... ;)

How many times do you have to beat the eleat four in ruby?

You only have to beat the elite four once but you can do it as many times as you want.

How can make the number 24 by only using the numbers 2 2 6 and 9?

Get rid of the 9. 2 times 2 times 6 equals 24.