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If you mean y = -1x +14 then it is a sraight line graph whereas -1 is the slope and 14 is the y intercept

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Q: How do you graph m equals -1 b equals 14?
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What does b equal in this equation 1 -6 b plus 7 equals 14?

1-6b+7=14 8-6b =14 -6b =6 -b =1 b =-1

What can you say about the graph Ax plus By equals C about the graph Ax plus By equals C?

It is a straight line with gradient -A/B and intercept C/B.

How do you solve this equation 6b - 14 equals -7 - b?

6b-14=-7-b 6b+b =-7+14 7b =7 b =1

What are the possible values of a and b when the straight line of y equals ax plus 14 is the perpendicular bisector of the line joining the points 1 2 and b 6?

Possible values: a = -2 and b = 9 or a = 5/2 and b = -9 Drawing a sketch on graph paper with the information already given helps.

What can you say about the graph of Ax plus By equals C if B is equal to zero?

If B=0, then the graph does not depend on the value of y. This is a vertical line at x = C/A

A plus b plus c plus d plus e equals 30 where c plus e equals 14 and d equals b plus 1 and a equals 2b-1 and a plus c equals 10 find values of letters?

a+b+c+d+e = 30 (i) c+e = 14 (ii) d+b = 1 (iii) a = 2b-1 (iv) a+c = 10 (v) By (i)-(ii)-(iii): a = 15 then, by (iv): b = 8 and by (v): c = -5 Also, b = 8 so by (iii): d = -7 and then by (i), e = 19

What is the x-coordinant of the vertex in the function y equals x2 plus 14 plus 21?

y = x2 + 14x + 21 a = 1, b = 14 x = -b/2a = -14/2*1 = -7

Graph the equation y equals 2x plus 1?

So, if we see the basic equation y=mx+b, we see that m=2, and b=1. If you look closely, this is basic rotation and translation of the original graph. First, I would translate the "mother graph" (y=mx) and then translate one up. Then, we would rotate the graph to the right two units.

What will the graph of y equals b look like for any real number b?

A straight horizontal line with no slope

How can you describe the graph of the equation ax plus by equals c?

ax + by = cThe graph if that equation is a straight line whose slope is (-a/b)and whose y-intercept is (c/b).

When simplifying algebra can you simplify 1 over a equals 1 over b to a equals b?

1/a = 1/b: cross multiplying gives a = b

CAN 0 plus equals B plus equals B?

Yes because if 1+0=1 than 0 plus b equals b