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Idle time variance is a difference between budgeted hour for work and actual worked hours multiplied by the standard wage rate.

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Q: How do you identify the idle time variance?
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What is the definition of the idle time variance?

machine breakdown, non ability material, illness

When was Time Variance Authority created?

Time Variance Authority was created in 1986.

When a coin is tossed four time then mean and variance of the number of the head?

Mean = 2. Variance = 1.

Variance in the rhythm of your heart?

It is the variance in time between each heartbeat. ECG, and blood pressure tests are often used to measure the variance in the rhythm of the heart.

Is idle capacity variance due to an increase or decrease in the volume of production?

"" ""

How do you estimate the narrow sense heritability based on the halfsib offspring of open pollinated trees?

First we need to calculate within and between family variance components for half sib families. Additive variance is equal to 4 time the additive variance and Dominance variance equal to within family variance - (3/4) additive variance.

What difference between a favorable variance and an unfavorable variance?

Favourable variance is that variance which is good for business while unfavourable variance is bad for business

What are the variances in a 4 variance analysis?

efficiency variance, spending variance, production volume variance, variable and fixed components

What is the difference between negative price variance and volume variance?

Negative price variance is when the cost is less than budgeted. Volume variance is a variance in the volume produce.

Avoidable and unavoidable idle time?

These terms are normally used in Cost Accounting. Idle time means the time for which labor is paid but no production is made.Avoidable idle time means the idle time which could be avoided by the management. For example due to shortage of raw material, due to insufficient job schedules.Unavoidable idle time means the idle time which could not be avoided by the management. For example due to sudden breakdown of machine, due to strike by suppliers causing shortage of raw material.Treatment:The cost of avoidable idle time becomes the part of indirect cost and the cost of avoidable idle time becomes the part of direct cost.

Which is not a measure of dispersion range or variance?


What is Assumptions for Variance Heterogeneous?

Unequal in Variance

What is Assumptions for Variance Homogeneous?

Equal in Variance

What is CPU idle time?

Time when your CPU(Central Processing Unit) is idle(not being used by any program).

What factors causes Budget Variance?

There are 7 variances associated with a budget ( which are generally calculated for controlling purposes) 1- Material Price variance 2- Material Quantity variance 3- Labor rate variance 4- Labor efficiency variance 5- Spending variance 6- Efficiency variance 7- Capacity variance

What is idle time on AIM?

idle means when Ur not using the computer or moving your mouse

What does idle status mean?

Idle status means that your not spending time using the program.

How should idle time wages be treated in cost accounts?

idle wage components

How do you calculate the mean and variance of a poisson distribution as a function of time t?

Divide the total number of incidents by the total time. The result, representing the average number of incidents per unit of time, is the mean as well as the variance of the Poisson distribution.

Can variance be negative?

Since Variance is the average of the squared distanced from the mean, Variance must be a non negative number.

Describe a time when you had to identify a customer's need?

Describe a time when you had to identify a customer's need

What is the variance 54 and 29?

The variance for 54 and 29 is: 312.5

What is the variance of 71 21 72 227?

The variance is: 7,991.58333333

What is the sample variance of 5781010 and 14?

The variance is: 1.6709957376e+13

Is sample variance unbiased estimator of population variance?

No, it is biased.