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You make eight and one tenth 8.1 to be a decimal.

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Q: How do you make eight and one tenth as a decimal number?
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Which is the smallest percentage decimal or fraction?

There is no such number. It is always possible to insert a zero immediately after the decimal point to make a number that is one tenth as large (or ten times smaller).

How do you make eight ninths a decimal?

eight ninths as a decimal = 0.888889 8/9: = 8 ÷ 9 = 0.888889 in decimal

How do you make a fraction out of a decimal?

You make a fraction out of a decimal by looking at the number before the decimal, and then you look at the number(s) after the decimal.

How do you make eight fourths a decimal?


How do you make 1 over 8 into a decimal number simplest form?

Simplest form refers to fractions. To make 1/8 into a decimal, divide one by eight. 0.125

How do you make 3.00 into a decimal?

It is already a decimal number!

What is 833 rounded to the nearest tenth?

You typically only round a number to the tenth's place if you have numbers past it in decimals. For example: 833.35 goes to the hundredth's place. Rounding it to the tenth's would make the answer 833.4 As your number does not look like this, rounding it to the tenth's isn't really needed. Unless of course, you choose to make your answer 833.0 (you can add as many zeroes beyond the decimal here without changing the overall value of the original number).

How do you turn a whole mixed number into a decimal?

divide the numerator by the denominator, and round to the nearest tenth or hundredth, whatever is best. Ex. 1 1/2 = 1.5 since 1 divided by 2 is .5, make the new number 1.5. if the number is 1 1/3, then the decimal would be 1.33333..... so then you would round it to the nearest tenth (1.3) or the nearest hundredth (1.33) and then put a repeating bar over the decimal.

How do you make a number a decimal?

depends on what kind of number it is

How do you make a number into a decimal?

move the decimal ova 2x's to the left

How do you make 8.38 as a decimal?

The number in the question is already in decimal form.

How do you make 6.0.5 decimal?

It is not possible since a decimal number cannot have more than one decimal points - as the given number does.

Could you make these following numbers 275411 into a fractions and decimals?

275411, as a fraction, could be 275411/1 As a decimal, it is 275411. It would not be appropriate to add a zero after the decimal point since that would suggest that the number was accurate to a tenth of a unit - which it was not.

How do you make a fraction a percent?

Divide the upper number by the lower number, move the decimal and presto, there's your percentage....example one eighth is normally written with the number one on the top and the eight on the bottom....try it on a calculator 1 divided by eight you'll get 0.125....move the decimal over two places to the right and you get 12.5%

Can you make this amount of money

No. This number is an impossible decimal. Only one decimal can appear in a number at a time.

How do you make 15 a decimal?

The value (magnitude) of integer number 15 is the same as the real (decimal) number 15.0

How do you make factions into decimal?

Easy. Just divide the nominator with the denominator. Then you will get the decimal number.

What is the smallest decimal number you can make with 0123456789?


How do you convert a negative mixed number into a decimal?

If you know how to turn a mixed number into a fraction and a fraction into a decimal do that then make it negative.

How do you convert 29 into a decimal?

As 29 is a whole number, if you wish to make it a decimal number, all you have to do is add a .0 to the end. This, 29.0 is the decimal form of 29.

What is 3 and 13 in a decimal?

3 + 13 = 16, and there is no need for a decimal point to make it a decimal number.

How do you make a decimal a fraction?

take decimal number place value and those will be the zeros on the bottom

How do you rearrange 764259.03 to make the greatest possible decimal number with tow decimal places?


How do you make a fraction eight ninths into a decimal?

It is: 8/9 = 0.8888....recurring 8

Why Move the decimal point to the right when you multiply?

The reason is because you have to make the number bigger when you multiply. When you move the decimal to the right you make the number bigger, when you move it to the left you make it smaller. Therefore, when you divide you must move the decimal to the left.