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You make eight and one tenth 8.1 to be a decimal.

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2012-12-05 22:23:32
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Q: How do you make eight and one tenth as a decimal number?
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Which is the smallest percentage decimal or fraction?

There is no such number. It is always possible to insert a zero immediately after the decimal point to make a number that is one tenth as large (or ten times smaller).

How do you make eight ninths a decimal?

eight ninths as a decimal = 0.888889 8/9: = 8 ÷ 9 = 0.888889 in decimal

How do you make 1 over 8 into a decimal number simplest form?

Simplest form refers to fractions. To make 1/8 into a decimal, divide one by eight. 0.125

How do you make a fraction out of a decimal?

You make a fraction out of a decimal by looking at the number before the decimal, and then you look at the number(s) after the decimal.

How do you make eight fourths a decimal?


What is 833 rounded to the nearest tenth?


How do you turn a whole mixed number into a decimal?

divide the numerator by the denominator, and round to the nearest tenth or hundredth, whatever is best. Ex. 1 1/2 = 1.5 since 1 divided by 2 is .5, make the new number 1.5. if the number is 1 1/3, then the decimal would be 1.33333..... so then you would round it to the nearest tenth (1.3) or the nearest hundredth (1.33) and then put a repeating bar over the decimal.

How do you make 3.00 into a decimal?

It is already a decimal number!

How do you make a number a decimal?

depends on what kind of number it is

Could you make these following numbers 275411 into a fractions and decimals?

275411, as a fraction, could be 275411/1 As a decimal, it is 275411. It would not be appropriate to add a zero after the decimal point since that would suggest that the number was accurate to a tenth of a unit - which it was not.

How do you make a number into a decimal?

move the decimal ova 2x's to the left

How do you make 8.38 as a decimal?

The number in the question is already in decimal form.

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