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The trick to making shapes with a certain number of lines is to allow the shapes to share lines between each other. You also have to make sure that you aren't letting them share too many lines; in fact, to get thirteen lines for squares, you'll need to share three lines (technically called segments in mathematics). One way to do this is to simply draw a rectangle and sketch three lines between it.

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Q: How do you make four squares using thirteen lines?
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Make 2squares and 4 right angle triangle using 8 straight lines?

Using the first four lines, draw a square. Now use the next two lines to bisect the square both horizontally and vertically. You now have one square divided into four smaller squares. Use the last two lines to diagonally bisect two of the four smaller squares. There you go.

How do you move two lines from four squares to make two squares?

impossible u would have to move 4 lines

How do you use only four lines to touch only thirteen dots without overlapping?

you put the thirteen dots parallel to the lines horizontally

How can you have four squares and remove two lines and only leave two squares?

you have to draw four squares. all up by each other and then you take out the two middle ones.

How many lines of symmetry does equilateral have?

If you are talking about a triangle it has two. Squares have four.

How do you move four lines from four squares to make three squares?

Not a clue. The correct answer is to take away a square. Since it requires 4 lines to make a square in the first place. Bam, just take away one of the squares. Pretty simple.

Is a squares a rectangle and why?

No because a rectangle is parallel lines and a square is four right angles.

How do you make nine squares from four lines?

like a tic tac toe board.

Do squares and pentagons have the same number of lines of symmetry?

A square has four; a pentagon has five.

How do you make 8 squares with 12 toothpicks?

[The answer will depend on how exactly you count your squares (for instance, there are arguably 10 squares in the solution below, not 8) and whether there are any rules about how to lay the toothpicks down.] A possibility is just to make two big squares using four toothpicks each, and to divide each into four smaller squares using the four remaining toothpicks.

How many parallel lines does a sguare have?

All squares have two pairs of parallel lines. That's four lines, but they are not all parallel to each other.

How are squares and rectanglest different?

Squares and rectangles are both made with four lines joined at right angles.The difference between a square and a rectangle is:all four lines of the square are exactly the same length as each other.the rectangle has two lines the same that are opposite each other but a different length than the other set of two lines that are also opposite each other.

What is a sentence using preclude?

Most people can preclude four plus two equaling thirteen.

What shape has four squares?

There is no solid shape with exactly four squares and no other faces.

How many triangles from an N by using 3 straight lines?


How can you make four triangles by using two lines?

Yes, by intersecting them.

Show photo how to divide squares into fourths?

Draw diagonal lines to form a diagonal cross in each square, so dividing all the squares into four triangles in each. A pencil and a straightedge is all that is needed, no measuring to form vertical and horizontal lines to divide each square into four smaller squares is required. Can't show a photo or graphics in Answers, I believe.

What sports involve using squares?

Four-square, the game where you try to get people out by bouncing the ball in their square.

How is four thousand and thirteen written in numbers?

4,013 is four thousand and thirteen written in numbers.

How many four digit palindromes are perfect squares?

There are no four-digit perfect squares that are palindromes.

What are the differences between squares and rectangles?

All squares are rectangles. A rectangle is a four-sided figure consisting of two sets of parallel lines, and all interior angles are 90 degrees. Squares are rectangles with the added characteristic that all four sides are of equal length. (In both cases all four angles are also the same: 90 degrees.)

How many films can you name with thirteen in it?

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How many pieces or segment can you get from this circle using four straight lines?

There are eleven.

How many squares are in a four by four square?