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Multiply all the numerators together and then multiply all the denominators together

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Q: How do you multiply a fraction by a fraction by another fraction?
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How do you know if a fraction is less than another fraction?

If you know how to multiply, cross multiply.

How do you multiply fraction by another fraction or a whole number?

turn both fractions into decimals and then multiply!

What is it called when you multiply the numerator of one fraction by the the denominator of another?

cross multiply

How so you divide fractions?

When dividing one fraction by another, invert the second fraction and multiply them.

When you multiply each numerator of a fraction by the denominator of another fraction in a proportion you?

You get the same answer both times.

How do you Divide fraction by another fraction?

One simple way is to flip the second fraction over (use its reciprocal) and multiply them.

How do you do division of fractions?

To divide one fraction by another fraction,flip the second one over and multiply them.

Why is the product always less than one when you multiply a fraction by another proper fraction?

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What does Cross multiplication mean?

Cross multiplication is when you multiply the denominator of a fraction by the numerator of another fraction. Before you cross multiply you want to see if you can simply the fractions.

How do you get a fraction of another fraction?

To get a fraction of another fraction you have to multiply the fractions. To multiply fractions, just use this simple algorithm: Step 1-Turn all whole numbers and mixed numbers into improper fractions. Step 2-Multiply the numerators of the 2 fractions. The answer to that problem will be the numerator of the answer. Step 3-Multiply the denominators of the 2 fractions. The answer to that problem will be the denominator of the answer. Step 4-Reduce.

When you multiply a denominator do you multiplicate the numerator?

That depends what you want to do. If you multiply both the numerator and the denominator by the same number, you get another fraction that stands for the same number - an equivalent fraction. For example, if you have the fraction 1/2, you multiply top and bottom by 2, to get 2/4. 2/4 is simply another name for 1/2.

How can we find the same fraction as another one?

Multiply the numerator and the denominator by the same integer.

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