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You first take the place to the right. If it is 5 or above, then it rounds up. If it is 4 or below, it stays the same.

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Q: How do you round off to the place value named with decimal?
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How do you round off 6.846 to the place value named?

Name the place value, and we'll zero in on it.

How do you round 163 to the ones decimal place?

You cannot round a number with a place value larger than the place value you seek to round it to. i.e. You cannot round thousands to hundreds, hundreds to tens, tens to ones, etc.

How do you Round decimal to the given place value 63.4523 nearest thousandths?

It is 63.452

How do you round off 4.73 to one decimal place?

By adding simple logic you can round off to single digit. In any value you add 0.05 and pick only one digit after the decimal and the result will be the value after rounding off in one decimal place.

How to round off of the decimal place value?

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How do you round 2.874 to one decimal place?

To round to 1 decimal place you look at the numbers after the first decimal place onwards. If the value is more than 5 (or 50 or 500 etc) then round up, if the value is less than 5 then round down. If the value is exactly 5, then some statistically naive people suggest round upwards. The correct procedure, so as not to introduce an upward bias, is to round up or down so that the last digit left is even. Here the number after the first decimal place is 74 - well above 50. So you round up. 2.8xx, rounded up is 2.9

Round each decimal to the indicated place value position 5.68 ones?

16,164 ,284

Estimate the value to one decimal place 54?

Since 54 is an integer, there is no need to round it to any number of decimal places.

How do you round off to the place value named?

-- If the place to the right of the place named contains a digit larger than 4, then add ' 1 ' to the digit in the place named. If not, then don't. -- Discard all digits to the right of the place named.

What number is 14.5 rounded to?

Currently it is not rounded to anything. You can round 14.5 to the nearest tens place. When you round it to the tens place you will get: 15. This is because the ".5" value in the decimal.

What decimals round to?

A decimal number is simply a way of representing a number in such a way that the place value of each digit is ten times that of the digit to its right. So, a decimal number will always round to a decimal number.

What is 2.997 round 1 decimal place?

Note that:9 is in the first decimal placeNext to that is another 9.Since "another" 9 is at least 5, round up the value to obtain 3.0.