How do you solve 2x plus 5 -5?

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2x + 5 - 5 = 2x. You can not solve for x because this is not an equation.

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Q: How do you solve 2x plus 5 -5?
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How do you solve 3 (2x plus 5 ) 39?

This hasn't been actually solved for over 4 years... This is our problem: 3(2x + 5) = 39. We must multiply both of the values inside those parentheses by 3, so we do 3 times 2x, and 3 times 5. 3 times 2x is 6x, and 3 times 5 is 15. So now we have 6x + 15 = 39. It would take a long time trying to guess what 'x' is if we kept that 15 there, so to get rid of it we must subtract it from both sides, and that would look like this: 6x + 15 - 15 = 39 - 15 Now our equation looks like this: 6x = 24 That is much simpler, right? All we have to do now is divide both sides by 6, which would look like this: 6x/6 = 24/6 We then get our long-awaited answer of x = 4. Still a little bit surprised that no one here got this for over 4 years...and I know the questioner has most likely graduated to college by now, but it was still funny to answer.

How do you solve x plus 5 equals 2x plus 5?

X should be zeroas:X + 5 = 2X + 5so, 2X - X = 0 or X = 0

How do you solve for x 2x plus 5 equals 11?

If 2x + 5 = 11, then 11 - 5 = 2x 6 = 2x 3 = x

How do you solve X plus 1 plus 2X equals 1X plus 5?

If: x+1+2x = 1x+5 Then: x = 2

2x - 5 plus 5 equals 12 solve for x?


How do you rewrite this equation so that y is a function of x 2x plus y equals 5?

Solve for y.2x+y=5*subtract 2x from both sides*2x+y-2x=5-2xy=-2x+5 / y=5-2x

How do you solve the equation y plus 5 plus 2x equals5?

Y=0.5 and X=1

How do you solve 2(x plus 5) plus 3x15?

If you mean 2(x+5) + (3*5) then it can be simplified to: 2x+25

How do you solve 3x plus 5 equals 4-2x plus 6?

3x+5=4-2x+6 5x=4-1 5x=3 x=3/5

How do you solve solve for x 2x plus a equals p?

2x+a=p 2x=p-a x=.5p-.5a

How do you solve 2x plus 3?

2x + 3 is an expression that is already in simplest form; you cannot "solve" it.

Solve for X 6x-8 plus 2x-5 equals 7-2x?

6x-8+2x-5 = 7-2x 6x+2x+2x = 7+8+5 10x = 20 x = 20/10 x = 2

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