How do you solve 2x y 4?

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Solve for y: f(-5)=13+2x

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Q: How do you solve 2x y 4?
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Y plus 2x equals 0 solve for y?

y= -2x

How do you solve 2x plus y equals 4?

It depends on what you mean by "solving", with two unbound variables (x and y) you will be able to produce a two-dimensional x/y plot: 2x+y=4 means y=4-2x

What are the intercepts of the equation 2x 5y 20?

2x+5y=20 Solve for y -2x -2x 5y=20-2x 5 5 5 y=4-2x 5

How do you solve 2x-y equals 4 and 2y equals 4x-6 using the substitution method?

2x-y = 4 and 2y = 4x-6 pick either equation and solve for one of the variables the first equation: y = -4 + 2x plug in the value of variable you solved for into the other equation 2(-4 + 2x) = 4x -6 then solve -8 + 2x = 4x-6 -2 = 2x x= -1 then plug in the value you have found into either original equation to find the value of the other variable 2(-1) - y = 4 -2 - y = 4 -y = 6 y = -6

How do you solve -2x equals y-6?


How do you solve y equals 4x-8 and y equals 2x plus 10?

y=4x-8y=2x+10Substitute (4x-8) for y in the second equation and solve for x:4x-8=2x+102x=18x=9Now solve for y:y=4(9)-8=28(9,28)

What is Solve By Subtitution y0.5x plus 2 -y-2x plus 4?

When using substitution the answer to y0.5x plus 2 -y-2x plus 4 is y = -2 (x-1.

How do you solve x plus y equals 4 and y equals 2X plus 1 by substitution method?

If: x+y = 4 and y = 2x+1 Then: 4-x = 2x+1 => 3 = 3x => 1 = x So by substitution: x = 1 and y = 3

What is interception of 2x-y equals -4?


What two numbers have the sum of 22 and the difference is 4?

X + Y = 22 X - Y = 4 add equations: 2X = 26 solve X X = 13 solve Y Y = 9

How do you solve vinculum?


Where does 2x plus y equals 0 and x plus y equals -4 intersect?

If: 2x+y = 0 and x+y = -4Then: x = 4 and y = -8Possible steps:2x + y = 0x + y = -4Subtract the two equations:x = 4Plug x back in to one equation and solve for y:4 + y = -4y = -8

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