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Q: How do you solve disturbitive property solve for x?
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Which property would you use to solve x - 15 -3?


What property is used to solve the equation x 512?

A proper question would help.

What property would you use to solve x plus 34 equals -6?


Whats property is used to solve the equation x plus 5 12?

Without an equality sign it is not an equation

Which property of equality would you use to solve the equation 14x35?

If you mean: 14x = 35 then the value of x is 2.5

Solve x squared 2 equals 64 using square root property?

x^2 = 64 x = +,- square root of 64 = +,- 8. Thus, x = -8 or x = 8

How do you use the distributive property to solve 3 894 times 6?

3894 x 6 = (3000 x 6) + (800 x 6) + (90 x 6) + (4 x 6)

What property is required to solve x plus twelve equals twenty four?

Subtraction property if x+12=24 the subtraction property lets us minus 12 from both sides to get x+12-12=24-12 the twelves on both sides cancel each other out by the way, to get x=12, your answer

How do you solve Linear Equations with the substitution method?

You just plug in the value of the given variable. For example: y=3+2 2y=x (now you substitute y for 3+2) 2(3+2)=x (now solve the equation using distributive property) 6+4=x 10=x Tuhduh!! All done using the substitution property.

What property of the square root is essential in order to solve any radical equation involving a square root?

The property that is essential to solving radical equations is being able to do the opposite function to the radical and to the other side of the equation. This allows you to solve for the variable. For example, sqrt (x) = 125.11 [sqrt (x)]2 = (125.11)2 x = 15652.5121

What is the destributive property?

The distributive property is a property that connects multiplication and addition. In symbols: a x (b + c) = (a x b) + (a + c). We use this property on a daily basis, when we do a multiplication with pencil and paper, with numbers of more than one digit. For example, 2 x 12 = 2 x (10 + 2) = (2 x 10) + (2 x 2). It is also very useful in that it helps solve different algebraic problems.

How do you factor with the zero factor property?

The zero product property is used to solve equations using factoring. Ex x2 + 5x = 4 .... 1st rearrange to = 0 x2 - 3x- 4 = 0 .... now factor left side (x-4)(x+1) = 0 .... now make 2 separate equations and solve x-4 = 0 so x = 4 .... x+1 = 0 so x = -1