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Area of a rectangle is length x width. It isn't clear what the width is in this case - or how you could solve for it.

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Q: How do you solve the area of a rectangle Suppose L is 0.8 plus 1.6 express the area function of L?
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How do you solve an economic function?

It really depends on the specific function, and what you want to solve for.

How do you found the height of rectangle?

There is no "height" of a rectangle, unless it's a rectangular prism. Do you mean the length? If you have the area of the rectangle, the equation should be:A= L x WPlug in the area and the length and solve for the width, or plug in the area the width of the rectangle, and solve for the length.

How do you solve decimals?

Decimals are simply a way to express numbers. There is nothing to solve!

A rectangle has perimeter of 20m Express the area of the rectangle as a function of the length of one of its sides?

In a rectangle: P = 2(L + W) and A = LW P = 2(L + W) (replace P with 20) 20 = 2(L + W) (solve for L; divide by 2 to both sides) 10 = L + W (subtract W to both sides ) 10 - W = L A = LW (substitute 10 - W for L) A = (10 - W)W A = 10W - W2

How do you find the length of a rectangle when you know the area and breadth?

You take the formula for a rectangle, replace what you know, and solve for the remaining variable.

If a box of the rectangle equal 3 what is the answer?

More information is needed to solve this problem

Is the radius of a circle a function of its area?

You can certainly express the radius as a function of its area, yes. If the area is known, you can solve the formula for the area of the circle to uniquely get the radius. (The quadratic equation has two solutions; you will of course choose the positive solution for the radius.)

How do you solve perimeter?

For a rectangle, it is 2(l + w) l = length w = width

How do you solve - A rectangle has a width of 2y plus 3 and height of y-7. Find the perimeter of the rectangle?

Add together the lengths of each of its sides.

How do you solve a function table?

you have to multiply the number by the top.

How do you solve a parent function?


The length of a rectangle is 13.6cm the perimeter of the rectangle is 37.8cm what is the width?

Write an equation for the perimeter, and solve it. Remember that the perimeter is the sum of all four sides.

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