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The question contains an algebraic expression. It is not an equation (or inequality) and so cannot be solved.

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Q: How do you solve this math problem r3-25r2-4r plus 100?
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14 plus x 21 solve for x?

The letter X in the equation 14 plus X21 would be 2.5. this is a math problem.

What is 34 plus 20?

The math problem 34 plus 20 is 54. This is a basic math problem to to children in elementary school.

How do you solve this math problem three x minus five x plus 4x?

3x - 5x + 4x = -2x +4x = 2x

What is 17y plus 6?

it is a math problem

Solve x 3-2x 2 plus x-4 0?

The answer to the math problem x 3-2x 2 plus x-4 0 is 0.

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How do i solve his algebra problem My homework is Function Notation The first problem is F 2x and what he gave us is F x 2x plus 5?

The equation F X 2X plus 5 equals 0.5. This is a algebra math problem.

Using graphical method solve their problem Maximise z x plus 5 Sto 5x plus 6y 30 3x plus 2y 12 X y 0?

The answer to this equation would equal 4.8. This is a math problem.

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17 Solve this equation 80 3y plus 2y plus 4 plus 1?

The answer to the equation 80 times 3 Y plus 2 Y plus 4 plus 1 equals -15. This is considered to be a math problem.

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The teacher posed the math problem 5 plus 11 and 1/2. I had a problem figuring out the math problem.

What is the answer to the math problem apples plus bananas plus coconut?

A + B + C

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How do you solve x plus x plus x plus x equals 128?

To solve x + x + x + x, set the problem up as multiplication like this 4x = 128. Divide both sides of the problem by 4. You will get x = 32. To check your work, substitute 32 for the x and do the math. 4 x 32 = ?. If the answer is 128, the answer is correct.

X plus 2 3?

The math problem of x plus 23 is incomplete and there is not an answer for it. More information is needed for this problem.

What is the equation for x in the math problem 3x plus 4 equals 10?

3x+4=10 To solve: 3x+4=10 3x=6 x=2

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The math problem 4x plus 7 times 31 equals 8. This is taught in math.

99 plus 35647-965658746569 plus 6546576472657023 equals?

65456108113946200 is the answer to your stupid math problem.

What is 46 plus 9?

46 plus 9 equals 55 this is a basic math problem

A plus 3 7?

A plus three over 7 equals 0.42. This is a math problem.

-10 and plus 5?

Negative ten plus 5 equals -5. This is a math problem.