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There is no specific formula for measure - in statistics or any other branch of mathematics.

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Q: How do you use the formula of measure in statistics?
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Specific applications of statistics in business?

Businesses use statistics in order to learn about their customers. Managers measure customer satisfaction by using statistics. They can then use this information to improve their current position.

What is a non resistant measure in statistics?

The mean is called a non-resistant measure in statistics.

What do you do to measure the volume of a baseball?

Use the formula for volume of a sphere.

How do you change gallons to litres?

For US measure, use this formula: US gallons x 3.785 = litersFor UK measure, use this formula: UK gallons x 4.546 = liters

What is differential statistics?

Differential statistics are statistics that use calculus. Normally statistics would use algebra but differential statistics uses calculus instead of algebra.

What is the formula for finding height?

You just measure how tall it is.

How do you use standard deviation?

Standard deviation is a measure of how spread out a set of numbers are from each other. It has a variety of uses in statistics.

Calculate mean deviation?

Look up the formula in a book of elementary statistics or on the web. The browser that we are required to use is not suitable for providing an answer.

What do crime and crime statistics have in common?

Crime is committed, and the numbers that measure it are collected, analyzed and become statistics.

How do you measure force when mass and acceleration is givven?

In that case, you don't measure it - you calculate it. Use the formula: force = mass x acceleration

Does statistics use math?

Statistics is a branch of mathematics.

What is relationship between agriculture and statistics?

Agriculture uses statistics, statistics does not use agriculture.

What do you use to measure specific heat?

If you can measure 3 of these 4 things then you can use this formula q( energy in Joules ) = Mass * specific heat * temperature final - temperature initial

How would you arrive at mathematical formula to measure force using 2nd law of motion?

If you use Newton's Second law to measure force, you don't need to derive any additional mathematical formula.

How many square meters in a DVD?

I suggest you measure the DVDs radius (or measure its diameter and divide that by 2). Then you can use the formula for the area of a circle.

Scientists use statistics to?

Find the likelihood of events whose outcomes include an element of uncertainty, or to find the measure of uncertainty in the outcome of events.

How do you measure turns ratio?

i think ... at first measure V and I and then use the formula > N1/N1 = V1/V2 = I2/I1 to calculate N

How do you figure out standard deviation?

Look up the formula in a statistics text book or on the web and use that. This browser is not really up to displaying statistical formulae.

What is the formula needed to measure the earth's mass?

You use the universal formula for gravitation. Lab measurements - such as the Cavendish balance - are used to determine the constant, G. Once this is known, you can measure the force of gravity between a known mass, and Earth, and insert the values in the formula for gravitation.

Do you measure feet in meters?

To convert from feet to meters use this formula: feet x 0.305 = meters.

What is the formula you use to measure acceleration?

That would depend on how you're measuring it. The classic definition is: a = Δv/Δt

How do you write the distance between points a and b?

If you know the coordinates either measure it or use the distance formula

Types of statistics?

There are two types of statistics. One is called descriptive statistics and the other is inferential statistics. Descriptive statistics is when you use numbers. Inferential statistics is when you draw conclusions or make predictions.

What is the use of statistics in engeneering field?

application of statistics in engineering field

Does a census use statistics?

Yes it does. It works on and provides a lot of statistics.