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with a standard 1 pole light switch (one switch operating the light) it is black wire to black wire and white to white (non grounded)

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Q: How do you wire a light and switch with the 2 wire old romex?
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How do you convert a standard light fixture into a pull-chain one?

Shut off the power to the light circuit. Remove the old light switch if there is one. Remove the old lamp holder base. Make a diagram and note how the wires were attached, what colour screws to what colour wire. At the light switch wire nut the two wires that came off of the switch together. The switch plate cover will have to be replaced with a blank cover plate to cover the old switch box. Install the new pull chain lamp holder using the notes and diagram that you made. Some of the lamp holders that have a switch in them will not have terminal screws. The wire to the switch will be the "hot" wire. The other wire from the old lamp holder will be the neutral which should be a white wire. Insert the bulb and turn the power back on. Now the pull chain will control the light rather that the wall switch.

How do you hook up one light to one switch in a basement lighting system that has all 10 lights connected to one switch?

If you have good access to the wiring this is relatively easy to do. Each of the 10 lights is connected to another in parallel in a "daisy chain" fashion. Light 1 is connected to the switch, light 2 is connected to light 1, light 3 is connected to light 2 and so forth. Let's say it is light 5 that you wish to switch separately. You can first install the new switch by either adding a new box or modifying old switch box. There are two gang switches that will fit the form factor of a single switch. TURN OFF THE POWER TO SWITCH BOX. Using the same supply input at original switch, add a new black wire to the wire nut for input to original switch and connect this to the input of new switch. Then run a new wire to light 5 and connect black wire to the output of new switch. Connect all the white wires together in switch box and separately connect all bare wires together in switch box. Now at light 5 undo the black and white wire coming from the fixture, and reconnect the wire nuts so that there is a direct connection between light 4 and light 6. Do the same for the ground if present (bare wire). You now have the fixture wires hanging free. Now connect the black wire from new switch to the fixture black wire and white to white and you are done.

If Replacing light switch old one has ground new one does not do you have to use the ground wire?

The ground wire must remain connected to the box. The frame of the switch, and therefore also the screws, must remain connected to the box as well.

Wiring single toggle switch and outlet with two wire system?

you can wire the single post toggle switch to the old school 2 wire system, just ignore the ground screw (like the old switch did). no outlet skip the outlet, just use the toggle switch if you want an outlet you'll need to run a ground wire down to your electrical box

You have three wires on the new switch but only two on the old?

The new switch is a 3 way switch which requires a common and 2 traveler's. The switch can be identified by no on off marks on toggle part on face of switch. Unless that third wire is a ground wire.

Why is wall light switch squeaking when i switch it on or off?

its probably old get an electrician to replace it

How do you wire a tri-light bulb table lamp with 3 wire rotary switch?

If the tri-light needs a new lamp holder try any reputable lighting house store. These types of retailers have all of the parts that you need to repair any lamp configurations. The new switch will have a rotary switch built into it just like the lamp had when it was new. There are only two wires to connect to it. Don't disconnect the old one until you have the new one and just put the wires on the same terminals as the they are wires on the old switch.

How do you wire a 3-way dimmer switch that has two red wires and one black and one green?

you can only have one dimmer, the other switch needs to be not a dimmer. the green wire is ground, it connects to a bare copper wire found in the box, or to the box itself, if the box is metal. the black wire is"common" it either connects to the wire found in the box that has power in it or to the black wire that goes to the light. the 2 red wires are"travelers" they connect to the wires found in the box that go from switch to switch. if you don't know how to check which wire does what( continuity), it is possible to keep changinging the connections until the switch works. you will want to do this with a conventional switch, and install the dimmer afer you identify what wires are travelers and wich are common. you will destroy a dimmer switch by searching for the right connection. once you have identified the common wires, it will be on the black screw of a 3way switch; you can put that wire on the black wire of the dimmer. one red goes on one traveler, the other on another traveler. there might be a white wire in the box, if it is connected to other white wires and not to the switch, leave it alone. if a single white wire is connected to old switch, it may be a will connect a red dimmer wire to this. opening the other switch location will show you if the white wire is used as a traveler.the black wire has to be either power coming in, or the wire going to the light. the reds are just connecting the 2 switches.

What causes arcing and a scratching noise when you turn off a light switch?

An old/worn/faulty light switch, or the wires connected to the switch are loose. Replace the switch ASAP.

How do you wire your new fixture if your old light fixture has a black wire connected to a red wire and a red wire connected to a white wire?

If it is a simple light fixture it does not meter - the light-bulb is a simple element of a chain that can be connected both ways.

How do you replace old light switch one black and one white wire?

To change a switch:Disable the circuit, (turn off the breaker to the circuit or remove the fuse if it's an older home)pull the old switch away from the switch box by backing out the two screws that hold the switch in place.Remove the wires from the old switch.Make certain that you get the same KIND of switch (I assume that if it's just two wires that you have a simple, on/off switch)Connect the two wires to the new switch, it doesn't matter which wire goes to which post, just so long as they don't touch each other.put the switch back in the switch box, make certain that when the switch is on, it's UP.Put the screws and the switch cover back.Yer dun.

Im adding a new ceiling fan in my living room i pulled the old fixture down i noticed 2 sets of 3 wire BWR and 1 set 2 wire BW BW going to the wall switch how should you wire in the fan?

White is for neutral on the fan, black is power for the motor, and red is power for the light. If the power from the switch only has two wires (black and white), you would hook up white to white and hook black and red from the fan to the black wire from the wall switch. This means that you'll be powering the fan and light on the same switch and to change the fan and light separately you will have to pull on the chains or use a remote control.

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