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You can't

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Q: How do you work out more than percentages?
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Why is it easier to use fractions or decimals insted of percentages?

Because that it s harder to work out percentages than fractions and decimals

What do you call a person who work is with percentages?

Most people work with percentages in one way or another.

What is the percentages of extinct animals?

It is 0%. If it were more than 0 then they would not be extinct!

How do you work out problems with graphs and percentages?

work out the math

What type of graph do you use that shows information using percentages?

For only one set of percentages a pie chart but if more than one then a stacked bar chart.

How do you work out percentages?

divide top number to bottom

How do you determine percentages in Pokemon?

What percentage????That just depends on what your refering to. Percentages of the blast off in Pokemon emerald?Percentages of Pokemon?Be a lilttle more specific

How do scientists use percentages in their work?

They are smart and know everything

How do scientists know that there is more carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases in the air than there was thousands of years ago?

They know because they can work out what percentages of which gas were around through ice samples taken from Antarctica

How do I write percentages of less than 1?


How you solve percentage greater then 100 percent?

Same as percentages less than 100. Percentages greater than 100 will reult in a number that is greater than the original, that's all.

What is the importance of percentages?

Well one good thing that percentages do is they condense numbers so you can compare then more easily.

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