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8x plus 4y equals 5 is 8x + 4y = 5.

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Q: How do you write 8x plus 4y equals 5?
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Related questions

How do you write 8x plus 4y equals 20 in fuction form?

8x+4y=20 4y=-8x+20 y=-2x+5 f(x)=-2x+5

If x equals 9 and y equals 1 then 8x plus 4y equals?


2y equals 8x - 14 4y equals 8x plus 4?

x=4, y=9 (4,9)

-8x plus 4y equals 64?

This can't be solved. You have two varibles.

How do you solve -8x plus 4y equals 28 for y?

-8x + 4y = 28 Add 8x to each side: 4y = 8x + 28 Divide both sides by 4: y = 2x + 7

If x equals 5 and y equals 5 then 8x plus 4y equals?

(8 + 4) x 5...

What is the answer to 6x plus 4y equals -12 and 8x-14y equals -16?

x = -2 and y = 0

If 8x plus 4y equals 16 what is the slope?

If 8x + 4y = 16, then y = - 2x + 4 Thus the slope is -2 and the intercept is 4.

3x plus 10y equals 7 -8x - 4y equals 17?

Multiply the first by 8 and the second by 3

What is the slope and y-intercept of 4y- 8x plus 12 equals 0?

4y - 8x + 12 = 0 4y = 8x - 12 y = 2x - 3 So the slope = 2 y-intercept = -3

What would be the slope and y-intercept for this liner equation 4y- 8x plus 12 equals 0?

4y-8x+12 = 0 4y = 8x-12 y = 2x-3 The slope is 2 and the y intercept is -3

What is the answer to 8x plus 4 equals 4y?

It is not possible to solve a single linear equation in two unknown variables.

Which type of lines match these equations 4y plus 8x equals 20 y equals -2x plus 5?

The two equations represent the same straight line.

What is the point of contact between the line y equals x plus 4 and the circle x2 plus y2 -8x plus 4y equals 30?

Equations: y = x+4 and x^2 +y^2 -8x +4y = 30 It appears that the given line is a tangent line to the given circle and the point of contact works out as (-1, 3)

What is the slope of the graph of 8x 4y equals 11?


Y-8x plus 9y equals?

Y-8x plus 9y equals 10y-8x.

3x-3y equals 12 4y-8x equals -16?


What is 6x plus 14y plus 8x-18y?

6x+14y+8x-18y = 14x-4y

What is the slope of a line whose equation is 12 equals 4y-8x?

4y-8x = 12 4y = 8x+12 y = 2x+3 So the slope is 2 and the y intercept is 3

Y equals 2x plus 2 and 4y-8x equals 12 at which point do these lines intersect?

They don't. The line is parallel. ( 4x-8x=12 simplifies to y-2x+3, which has the same slope as y=2x+2)

Add 2x plus 5y plus 7x-2y plus -8x plus y?

They add to x+4y simplified

Are 3x-4y equals -5 and 8x plus 6y equals -5 parallel or perpendicular lines?

They are perpendicular lines because the slopes are 3/4 and -4/3 respectively.

What is the answer to 8x-5w plus 4x plus 9y plus 4y plus 2w?

It can be simplified to: 12x-3w+13y

What is the x value of -8x plus 8x plus 4 equals -24?

- 8x + 8x = 0 so question is meaningless.

8x-7 plus 2x equals 6 plus 5x plus 2?

8x-7 plus 2x equals 6 plus 5x plus 2?

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