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>300 lb.

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Q: How do you write less than 300lb using less than symbol?
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How would you write 60 days is less than 90 days using the less than symbol?


How would i write the systolic blood pressure is LESS THAN 100 using the 'less than' symbol?

the sign: < for example, you can say 5<8 because 8 is bigger than 5, or 5 is LESS THAN 8

An expression for 9 less than k?

If you want to say "Nine is less than a number k," you would write 9<K. If you're asking for an equation, e.g. "Nine less than a number k is equal to that number divided by three," you would write k - 9.

How would I write less than five?

One symbol to use is <5'.

How to write an experssion using 2 years less?

write the experssion for 9 less than x

Is the symbol more than or less than?

The "more than" symbol is the > symbol. The "less than" symbol is the < symbol.

How do you show 43 is greater than 34 using a greater or less than symbol?

43 > 34 (The bigger side of the symbol points to the bigger number.)

What is the difference between the symbol less than and less than or equal to?

the symbol for less than is "<" while the symbol for less than or equal to is "<" with "_" underneath it.

What is the symbol for greater than and less than?

The symbol for greater than is > and the symbol for less than is <

How do you write less than 1 percent using sign?

It's written <1%

How does the less than symbol look?

'<' stands for less than It is the < symbol located on the same key as the comma. I distinguish this from the > (greater than) symbol because the < (less than) looks like a slanted L (for Less than). The bigger number is at the bigger (wider) end of the sign. For example in 3 < 5 the 5 is at the bigger (wider) end of the sign, so it is bigger than the 3, so 3 is less than 5. Depending on the fonts you have access to, "less than or equal to" can be written as "<=" or "≤" and "greater than or equal to" is ">=" or "≥"

1.81 18.1 4.525 131.044 and 13.032 in least to greatest using the less than symbol and equals symbol between the numbers?

1.81 < 4.525 < 13.032 < 18.1 < 131.044