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Unfortunately you cannot writ a sq. root symbol on the computer, so you could just say 'squared.'

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โˆ™ 2010-11-29 13:31:04
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Q: How do you write square on a word from keyboard?
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Can I write a word on the last row of the keyboard?

You can if you put your mind to it.

How to get your keyboard to write in Arabic?

Download Arabic font for Microsoft Word

How do you write 3 in Arabic?

teletti is word for 3 \ can't write it in arabic without arabic keyboard

How do you make a square shape with a keyboard?


How do you write keyboard notes of malare song?

how to write keyboard notes of Malare song of Premam movie

How do you make your keyboard write in cursive?

You can't except on microsoft word where you have to choose your font.

How do you write a repeat sighn on Microsoft Word?

once you have copied a symbol, you can get others by pressing F4 on the keyboard.

How do you write a sentence using the word deft?

her deft fingers moved quickly over the keyboard as she typed.

Where to find the square root button on a keyboard?

It is a keyboard, not a keybored ! There is no square root button on a standard keyboard, but if you are bored, you can find out how to program a key and get one of the keys to be your square root key.

How you write square root at word?


Where is the times sign on a Mac keyboard?

ctrl+write "anus" into the keyboard

Why should a word user be familiar with the keyboard?

It is familiar with a word user if there is a keyboard.

What is the compound word disjointed keyboard appealing another?

Keyboard is a compound word.

How you can write urdu in Microsoft Word?

Urdu is available in the all applications in Microsoft Office including Microsoft Word. The Urdu keyboard is available on the Internet.

How many syllable in the word keyboard?

there are two syllables in the word keyboard :)

What are the names of the parts of computer keyboard?

Write the parts names of the computer keyboard

How do you write fast on the keyboard?

its simple just momoriz the keyboard

How do you write a power of a number on the keyboard?

That really depends where you want to write it - in what program. For example, in Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel, you can go to character format, and select "superscript". The shortcut key (at least in Word) is Ctrl-Shift-Plus.

What is a keyboard key called?

A keyboard is a "board" with keys on it. So a keyboard key is called a, "Keyboard key". There is no fancier word for them.

How do you make a square sign using your keyboard?


Ten letter word top row of keyboard?

compact keyboard

How do you write on WeeWorld?

Use your keyboard. :P

How do you write a essay about patriotism?

you type it on the keyboard

How do you write the percentage symbol in Word 2003?

It is on your keyboard, on the 5 key, so press and hold the Shift key and press the 5 key and you will get it.

Is there a difference in an electric keyboard and a keyboard?

Electric keyboard usually refers to the keyboard of an electric piano. "Keyboard" is a generic word that can refer to an electric piano, an acoustic piano, a typerwriter keyboard, a computer keyboard, etc.

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