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They use mostly arithmetic in calculating dose of medications and rates of IV fluids.

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Q: How does a vet uses math on the work they do?
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What are some ways that a vet technician uses math?

Veterinary technicians use math to calculate drug dosages and fluid rates on a daily basis.

Why are you good at math but not at writing?

Math and writing are two different types of work. Writing uses creativity and knowledge. Math requires crittical thinking and problem solving skills.

How does math play a role in being a vet?

math plays a role in being a vet because you have to know how much medicine you give the animals by there weight

Who uses math?

Believe it or not, everyone uses math, even though you might not realize it. Like even i use math!

What do you have to specialize in to become a wildlife vet?

you have to do science and math

How do vet tech's use math?

They use math to figure out how much medications to give an animal.

What studies do you have to do in grade 10 if you want to be a vet?

Math and science.

What kind of texture did M.C. Escher use?

Escher uses texture in his work to express his feelings for art and math

Who uses the scientific method?

math uses the scientific method

Uses of computer in science?

When doing math (math is a branch of science).

What does a architect do with math?

A architect uses math like meausuring length

Do veterinarians use math in their line of work?

Yes. For example a vet would need to be able to calculate drug dosage based on the weight of the animal.

How does a agent uses math?


What courses do you need to take to be a vet?

Chemistry, biology, and Advanced Math

How does an economist use math in his or her work?

yes economist use math and statistics in their work. An economist uses calculus to do optimization problems and this requires a strong back ground in calculus, linear algebra is also useful for time series analysis and forecasting. So math plays a pivotal role in an economist's work.

How is math used in being a math teacher?

A teacher mainly uses math to teach it to the students. Other opinions could possibly say that everyone uses math in their life at home as in groceries ect.

What math do you have to take in college to become a vet?

Every vet school requires calculus I, some require calculus II.

What are the people called who work at the vets?

vet techs work with the vet like nurses work with doctors. vet assistants clean up and take care of the animals.

What math does an aircraft mechanic use?

The same math everyone else uses. I

What are the uses of greek math?

the same as English, French, Spanish, etc. math.

How is population related to math?

Population is related to math because it uses percentage

Do you have to take math classes to become a vet?

Yes. You have to take math classes to be a vet. I would like to be a veterinarian myself, and I will have to take business math and college Algebra. You also have to take biology, physics, chemistry, English, nutrition, and animal science.

Which way do you work in a math question?

In math you always work to the right.

How does a vet use math in their job?

they use math by counting doses, and they also used fractions, decimals, and basic arithmatic.

Does a vet work for a boss?