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Donkey punch is a slang term for a fictitious sexual practice supposedly performed during doggy style sex, particularly anal sex. The purported practice involves the penetrating partner punching the receiving partner on the back of the head or in the lower back to make the receiving partner's anal or vaginal passage tense up, thus increasing the pleasure of the penetrative partner.[1][2] In fact, there is no reflex in humans that would cause such tensing in response to a blow on the head, although striking a partner on the back of the neck or head could cause severe, even lethal injury

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Q: How does death rate affect population explain?
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How do birth rate and death rate affect a country's population?

If the birth rate is higher than the death rate, the population increases. If the death rate is higher than the birth rate, the population decreases.

What can affect the human population size?

birth rate & death rate,fertility rate.

How birth rate and death rate affect on population size?

The birth rate affects the size of population because of what its like. And the death rate is more than you can imagine.

What are the factors that affect a population's size size?

the factor are Death Rate Birth Rate Immigration

4 factors that affect the growth rate of a population?

availabilty of resources. death rate. space.

What factors do you think affect your country's population growth in cuba?

death rate birth rate

How these factors will affect the natural population?

there will be high death rate there will low birth rate immigration will increase\

A population that has a death rate great that its birth rate is said to be?

A population with a death rate greater than a birth rate has a declining population.

Zero population growth is a characteristic of what growth?

Zero population growth is a sign of a low birthrate. Other factors that affect population growth include a stagnant Death Rate and a low mortality age.

What factors explain why population in different countries grow at different rate?

Birthrates , death rates, women and male intercourse

Relationship between birth rate death rate and growth rate?

the birth rate is the rate of birth in a population, the death rate is the number of deaths in a population and the growth rate is the growing numbers of the population.

How can a graph be used to shows population changes?

It can tell you if the population has increased by the Birth Rate, or has decreased by the Death Rate.